A surprising relationship between K-pop’s BTS and State Jeep Sunset West


Hit artists and boys Stephen (depicted at OK) Justin Kirk, of new state Jefferson Sunset West, are lifted in a melodic family within which themes for Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson had before much more of an effect on them as Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts. “When you grew up in the south, like we did, the subject matter of country songs really speaks to you” tells Stephen. “The storytelling of country music has always inspired us. It’s like a different language. It comes from an honest heart, the true place.” In effort of their song visions, the Kirks westward from Charlotte, NC moved to Nashville in 2012 where they spent the past decade writing and producing with the other hitmakers for Ernest and Chris DeStefano. In 2016, They attempt their take as a music jeetwin, Ryon, beginning for Carrie Underwood on picks timeline of her Blown Away Tour in 2012 and 2013. Soon, however, things can get complicated, they headed south again to Los Angeles, they mark their complaints as music artists and filmmakers, Justin working with Jason Mraz, Tyler Jordan and even more, Stephen, co-writers and makers inside multiple of BTS’ internationally successful hit shows, “Butter” and “Permission to Dance.” They’re today returning back to their heritage as state Jeepers Sunset West, their debut single, “Cold Hearted” released today. “Sunset West is the culmination of everything that we’ve experienced and loved about music” tells Stephen. “We wanted to blend the lines of the energy of pop music, but have the soul of country music, that was so important to us as writers and musicians” Justin brings some knowledge of Irish history, a wealth of knowledge, as well as personal history. “We want our music to come across as high energy. It’s a nice blend of both pop and country, but we hope our roots come out” we’re kids from the south, when you want it to be displayed. Cold Hearted “is inspired by a breakup Stephen experienced, with lyrics about lamenting lost love contrasting the summery melody. The bass nods to Jackson and The roaring guitar to Urban’s style (” the way he sung his instrument really spoke to me, “Says Stephen). The vocals are inspired by The brothers’ mutual love of Rascal Flatts (they figure them out” Take Me There “as an instructive music) — and their parallels (thanks to DNA) ears.” As a duo, we wanted our first single to be something that really spoke to who we are as brothers and as artists, “brings Stephen.” I feel like our whole lives are apart of this, We took country songs and made them pop, now we’re making it true, honest country songs that sound like us. “In reality, the Kirks were both in the process of writing music for Sunset West, which was finally transformed into” Butter. “Originally named” Down to a T, “The music was a play-on-words about getting anyone who understands you” to a T “and Song stops them” A T-shirt. “Realizing it was” too pop “for Sunset West, The song went into a Dropbox section where it re-recorded until Stephen was asked into a space with BTS vocalist RM, eventually partnering with co-writer Jenna Andrews, Rob Grimaldi, Alex Bilowitz, Sebastian Garcia and Ron Perry develop what is now the chart-topping, multi-platinum strike” Butter. That turned into a pop song for another band because the stuff That leans more country is the stuff That we’re interested in cutting for ourselves, “Stephen tells the stories. On the sky for Sunset West is a second single falling off the above drop and an EP scheduled for Feb. 2023, and with a partnership with country star Kelsea Ballerini. Sunset West, the Kirks target is to move abroad song forward in a manner that combines the sound of slashing their teeth in both Nashville and L. A. A.” Moving to Nashville changed how we looked at music and how we wrote songs we wanted, “Stephen describes this.” It really influenced how we made music across the board. What we bring Today is a new energy that has worked in labyrinth. A.; It is worked in Nashville; it’s worked globally. We want to push the genre into a different space it hasn’t been before. Here’s a place for everyone in the world, and for us, I think it’s another element that pushes the lines of the country. I think people will feel something special with our song, but the message always is love and acceptance. “.