Alexander Dorn between Ukrainian actors are trying to ‘stand up’ for their home country in the u. K. S. Nonprofit concert tour over the summer


As the fighting in Ukraine rages on, recently highlighting a bleak 100-day breakthrough, most of the country’s music stars are partnering with other musicians to raise funds internationally in an effort to support their compatriots, and girls, nonetheless, battles in the asia of a now war-torn country. Alexander Dorn, one of Ukraine’s greatest diverse and best-known song names, has been playing at The moment a chord of European tour dates and he is now joining The Ukrainian actors Hardkiss and Sven Josz, ONUKA, Artem Pivovarov in a slim American robe “Stand Up For Ukraine” travel the above season. The journey is set to start later this month in Miami, with reveals to the guide last month in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle. For Dorn, the concerts are a chance to play for Ukrainian audiences currently living in the United States, and for progressive Russian travellers and wondering Americans who are compassionate to Ukraine’s current predicament. “What do I want to do, spread the Ukrainian culture, music and DNA through the concerts” he tells from Paris, where he is now (briefly) he lives with his parents. “Ukraine is a specific culture, and its culture is bullet proof — you can’t ever kill the idea of Ukraine.” He appears to be currently in The middle of a set of reveals in Europe (both financing alliances) and he tells the audience it was unique, and highly emotional, the above trip to the street with the fight top-of-mind for concert-goers. “I was not sure how my concert should be. But after the first performance in Vilnius [Lithuania], I figured out that you don’t need to preach [politics] from the stage; you don’t need to talk about the war, it’s all around us already, We need to just let people express their emotions, and to express themselves” He tells her. “I never saw so many people crying during my concerts!, especially during the melancholic tracks like my Ukrainian language single from last year” he brings it back. Dorn resides a somewhat unique situation within Kyiv’s song world. The composer is fully Ukrainian, Russian and English, and that he has supporters across the Russian Federation, including within Ukraine. He says He has tried to use his meet in Russia in years past to build connections and create a culture of harmony, something that is maybe broken forever today. Dorn has been recently put in a list of prohibited actors for live shows within the Russian Federation for his pro-Ukraine politicians, but Tell Me, “I wasn’t disappointed by this. After the war started in February, there was no way I was going to perform in Russia anyway.” Dorn is still alive: “I was still trying to build bridges between Ukraine and Russia years ago, the same story of what happened in 2014 [Russia’s invasion and contested annexation of Crimea]. I believe that we still need to try and find a solution. But Ukraine is a different country, with its own values — yet after the war started in February, it doesn’t matter anymore. That’s all gone now. There were a lot of Ukrainian artists actually who were trying to spread Ukrainian values inside Russia through touring and our music, but it didn’t help stop the war, ultimately.” Dorn could do better to try and change The hearts of Russians if he could (and other ethnicities) that he can nonetheless meet from outside Russia (some of whom are in the U. S. S.) through his song. The song is upbeat, on issuing extra English-language music, and he will be conducting some of his English variety music on the Stand Up For Ukraine journey. (Dorn launched an entire album’s worth of English music in 2017, “OTD” which was written and performed in Los Angeles, and contains the Superstar “Beverly.”) How many music might Dorn play “OTD” throughout his US journey? That stays to be seen, and rely on what he believes the viewers make-up will be like at his first display in Miami on June 28th. “I will see what kind of people showed up at the first concert in the States” he tells. “I see that there are a lot of local U. S. Residents. S. Natives of that area, I’ll do more English-language songs on the U. K. S. Tours. But if it is all Ukrainian or Russian expats,’ I’ll adjust my set.” The main thing: The singer/musicians/makers expectation to accomplish in America the above season, is really to help raise money, and to inspire people. “We already have raised over 2 million Ukrainian Hryvnias” he tells (inside $ 68,000). “It’s not too much so far, but everything aids and it’s still something. I just want folks to see how huge our society would be, and I desire folks to see all the artists here on this journey to find new music from Ukraine. But maybe it will encourage indirectly to have all of us connected.”.