All 50 of Madonna’s. 1 club strikes listed: from to everybody: I don’t hunt I find


For the past 40 years, Madonna is not only being the if not the Queen of Pop, as well as the reigning monarch of Clubland. He’s incurred a record-breaking 50 number-one strikes on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs diagram — tunes of which are captured on the mdashboard “Finally Enough Love!,: 50 Number Ones” music, arrived today. Marking in at 220 minutes, the music is a disorienting travel through the ever-changing electronica landscape and a tribute to Madonna’s ability to evolve with it. But similarly, “Finally Enough Love” is around reuniting with the electronic spurs of bygones. Legendary DJs for Junior Vasquez (and how dropped out with the pop icon over 1996 “If Madonna Calls You”), Victor Calderone, William Orbit and David Morales described fun in the’ 90s, but they are all supported with tunes for “Secret!” “Justify My Love” “Bedtime Story” “Nothing Really Matters” and “Deeper and Deeper.” in the ’00s club music took on a new form, Madonna was sure!. Soundtrack experts for Thunderpuss joined the form along with filmmakers Ralphi Rosario, Above and Beyond, Tracy Young, and the long Peter Rauhofer. Of particular note is the “Confessions on a Dance Floor” period, which created high-profile collaborations with electronica raiders for Stuart Price, Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell, and the Pet Shop Boys. Moving into the 2010s, Madonna kept her connection with dance music’s aristocratic, partnering with Avicii on a soundtrack for a film “Girl Gone Wild” and teaming up with Benny Benassi for “Celebration” and also funded new talent including Israel’s Offer Nissim and Dallas ‘Dirty Pop. Talking about her trust to partygoers that she has toiled with pioneers including Tracy Young and trans DJ Honey Dijon. Remixed by Kanye West/Weeknd producer Mike Dean. Compiled by Madonna herself, “Finally Enough Love!” it is offered on streaming services but also a downloadable version (in much more comforting sound faith) in 3-CD and 6-LP genres. Celebrate the album’s introduction, we listed Madonna’s 50 number one club strikes: While some may be indisputable tunes, others and voice a little worse for dress, all are a picture of the electronic past. The standings, mentioned below, should be over with a hill of seasoning. 50. “Erotica” (Underground Club Mix) The pendulum, a disco-tinged makeover that Madonna offered “Erotica” in the’ “Confessions” journey to victory is a win. Hear about that edition. 49. “Fever” (Radio Edit) Madonna’s tiger “Fever” it’s good, But the Radio Edit doesn’t clearly give itself to the ground. 48. “Justify My Love” (Orbit Edit) William Orbit’s donation to the hitmaker’s history is huge, but this remix of the still-genius is “Justify My Love!” has collected some brown over the years. 47. “Me Against the Music” (Peter Rauhofer Radio Mix) Another remix which has forgotten all its appearance, despite being inevitable and indisputable upon update. 46. “Give It 2 Me a Break” (Eddie Amador Club 5 Edit) House superstar Eddie Amador’s remix of Give It 2 Me! “is so of its period that it is the nearest approximation to taking a trip back in time to 2008.45.” Ghosttown ” (Dirty Pop Intro Mix) Madonna’s next good song was going to be a tough nut for artists to break into. Boss Diablo’s searing version comes to the nearer. 44.” Nothing Fails ” (Tracy Young’s Underground Radio Edit) With all respect, the” Nevins Mix “It’s right here now. 43.” Medell ( ” (Offer Nissim Madame X the Sphinx Mix!) They couldn’t quite get the” A Medell, M n “tunes are correct, It’s a shame, because the classic is much more enjoyable. Perhaps a reggaeton walk would have made more sense. 42.” Die Another Day ” (Deepsky Radio Editing) Los Angeles online journalist Derek Deepsky got his hands on Madonna’s Bond song and elevated the BPM to breakneck speed. 41.” Crave ” (Tracy Young Dangerous Remix) Released at every other link in her job” Crave “would have been a smash hit for Madonna. At lowest the pop/hip-hop hypervisor found love in clubland. 40.” 4 Minutes ” (Bob Sinclar Space Funk Edit) Did” 4 Minutes “really need a” space funk “remix? Probably not, But French DJ Bob Sinclar gives it his all despite. 39.” Living for Love ” (Offer Nissim Promo Mix)” Rebel Heart “lead single” Living for Love “was cut and changed for venues despite being catchy to begin with. 38.” Beautiful Stranger ” (Calderone Radio Mix) Time has dulled this remix of Madonna’s 1999 strike” Beautiful Stranger “slightly, but it was fantastic at the time. 37.” Nothing Really Matters ” (Club 69 Radio Mix) Club 69, famed DJ Peter Rauhofer, sure knew his manners around a Madonna remix, as with this generation of” Nothing Really Matters “confirms. 36.” Give Me All Your Luvin ‘ ” (Party Rock Remix) Nothing tells 2012 like a LMFAO remix, the Party Rockers do a very specific thing, Best or Worst, on” Give Me All Your Luvin!.’ “35.” American Pie! ” (Richard Binghamton” Humpty “VISION Radio Mix) If Madonna was going to protect Don McLean wasn’t parkain enough, Canadian club heavy Richard Vission offered it a clean start, hands-in-the-air dance remix. 10 /10. No comments. 34.” I Rise ” (Tracy Young’s Pride Intro Radio Remix) Trail-blazing DJ Tracy Young is a veteran Madonna producer thanks to high-energy redesigns of music like “Wake up the ’90s. ”” I Rise and I Rise. “33.” Impressive Instant ” (Peter Rauhofer’s Universal Radio Mix Show)” Impressive. Instant “became a company fan favorite in the morning of Peter Rauhofer’s stunning remix box. It reveals its era slightly, but it only brings to the classic. 32.” Hollywood ” (Calderone and Quayle Edith) Victor Calderone and Mac Quayle were Madonna’s go-to remixers for a push in the’ 90s/soon. Thanks for the upbeat, Mainroom zombies like this. 31.” Physical Attraction ” (You Can Dance Remix Edit) One of the hidden gems on Madonna’s debut album surpassed over to venues, with good reason:” Physical Attraction “is kinetic bubblegum-pop of the highest order. 30.” I Don’t Search For, I Find ” (Honey Dijon Radio Mix) The Best Of The West” Madame X “tunes arrives from cis house logo Honey Dijon, who effectively changes the meditation song into a team hit. 29.” Bitch: I’m Madonna ” (Sander Kleinenberg Video Editing) The” Rebel Hearts “the music is usually frustrating, Dutch DJ Sander Kleinenberg shakes the pattern with all this outraged baddie. 28.” Like a Virgin ” (7″ Version 2.0) Dust off your wedding veil and twirl like it’s 1984.27. “Love Profusion” (Ralphi Rosario House Vocal Edit) Ralphi Rosario’s interpretation is a blast, Headcleanr Rock Mix is arguably Madonna’s best remix and deserves to be on the album. 26. “Turn on the Radio” (Offer Nissim Remix Edit) One of Madonna’s last fluffy pop anthems gets a suitably upbeat and shimmering overhaul by Israeli DJ Offer Nissim. 25. “Ray of Light” (Sasha Ultra Violet Mix Edit) Not the best “Ray of Light” remix by any stretch, but the British DJ’s version is a nostalgic delight for dance music fans of a certain vintage. 24. “Jump!” (Axwell Remix Edit) Swedish House Mafia member Axwell wraps up his final show “Jump!” in his trademark electro-house wizardry, adding to the long list of great swans “Confessions” remixes. 23. “What does It Feel Like for a Girl?” (Above and Beyond Radio Edit) Legendary electronic trio Above and Beyond treated Madonna’s “What does It Feel Like for a Girl?” with the respect it deserves on this enduring gay-bar video jukebox classic. 22. “Sorry” (PSB Maxi Mix Edit) The Pet Shop Boys and Madonna crossover that fans were hankering for might take itself a little too seriously, but it’s catnip for diehard clubbers. 21. “American Life” (Felix da Housecat Devin Dazzle Edit) Chicago’s Felix da Housecat softened the edges of Madonna’s prickly throat “American Life” by leaning into the wheel “Modern life isn’t about me” refrain on this masterful remix. 20. “Material Girl” (7 “Version) The Saucy Santana medley proves that he is a good songwriter” Material Girl “still have a vice-like control over attendees 38 years later. 19.” Don’t Tell Me ” (Thunderpuss Video Remix) Thunderpuss — AKA L. A. Barry Harris and Chris Cox had clubbers in a chokehold with their remixes in the ’90s and early’ 00s. Their update on it” Don’t Tell Me, I will “shows why. 18.” Bedtime Story ” (Junior’s Single Mix) Junior Vasquez was really in his pack during Madonna ‘s” Bedtime Stories “period, turning” Bedtime Story “into the 90s club diamond. 17.” Celebration ” (Benny Benassi Remix Edit) Italian DJ Benny Benassi ravels a counterpoint to Madonna’s classic debut album into a real electro-house present. 16.” Frozen ” (Extended Club Mix Edit) The best of The Beach!” Ray of Light “era remixes enclosed on” Finally Enough Love!. “Swap this out with Madonna’s current Sickick partnership if you’re in search of something a little more style. 15.” Everybody ” (You Can Dance Remix Edit) The music that began it all has apparently gotten older alongside contemporary dancers who mimicked its wonderfully scratchy rhythms, 80s voice at each move. 14.” Music ” (Deep Dish Dot Com Radio Edit) delivering the best remix of the music” Music “US jerey Deep Dish ran on to abandon their logo on dance music and renamed the joint” Dim “Say Hello.” 13. “Hung Up” (SDP Extended Vocal Editing) Dance-pop is not more delightful than it appears “Hung Up” and Stuart Price had been smart enough already to mimic the flavor of the unique on this ’00s club cornerstone. 12. “Open Your Heart” (Video Version) While the child-attends-peep-show video might lift your hairline nowadays, He is bright “Open Your Heart” the time has not waned. 11. “Secrets” (Junior’s Luscious Single Mix) It’s hard to imagine’ 90s partying with Junior Vasquez. His intoxicating home makeover of “Secrets” remains out as perhaps one of his better options. 10. “Holiday!” (7 “version;) A serotonin-raising pop classic that will be filling dance floors at gay bars and family gatherings from now unto eternity. 9.” Girl Gone Wild ” (Avicii’s UMF Mix) The Best Song On 2012′ s” MDNA “got a blistering overhaul for the Ultra Music Festival by the late, great Avicii. It has been lower for centuries. 8.” Like a Prayer ” (7″ Remix Edit) An all-time great pop song, but the 12 “Club Mix is really where it’s at as an across tune fly. With no real proof of a single agression, some theories may not work in all countries, but at least on the European level” Like A Prayer, “Too much is not enough. 7.” Get Together! ” (Jacques Lu Cont Vocal Edit) All of the above” Confessions “tunes absolutely brilliant flawless!, but Stuart Price’s ghost, acoustic revival of the” Get Together “reigns supreme. 6.” Express Yourself ” (Remix Edit) Truly classic. A music which has influenced pop artists since the day it has been launched with very reason. 5.” Deeper and Deeper ” (David’s Radio Edit) David Morales controlled clubland with an iron fist in the’ 90s thanks to tunes like his nu-disco turn on” Deeper and Deeper. “4.” Keep It Together ” (Alternate Single Remix) The 5th single from 1990 ‘s” Like a Prayer “remains toe-to-toe with the title track and other instrumentals” Express Yourself “as the album’s showtime floorfiller. 3.” Don’t Cry for Me Argentina ” (Miami Mix Edit) A high camp masterpiece. Do you know anyone who is the director of a philanthropic organization, you know. 2.” Vogue ” (Single Version) A perfect pop song that hasn’t sounded out of place on any dance floor at any time in the last 30 or so years. 1.” Into the Groove ” (You Can Dance Remix Edit) Irresistible and influential.” Into the Groove “is arguably the template for the club-pop hybrids that started in the ’80s and continue to be released to this very day.