August 08 printing with Jhene Aiko’s Allel Sound brand (unique)


August 08, singer-songwriter renowned for his performances with the L. A. A. Shared 88 Rise, has a tattoo on Allel Sound, Jhene Aiko’s combined their brand endeavor with Def Jam. His fresh EP is a, “Towards the Moon” releases evenings and includes the new music and youtube “Water Sign” which includes Aiko. “August is an incredible writer, singer and artist whose music speaks to me on so many levels” Aiko asserts. “As a fellow Los Angeles native, I am so proud of him. August’s talent, love for songwriting and hands on approach with his art is something I can relate to and have a great amount of respect for. It was a natural evolution of our friendship and musical collaboration to have him become the first artist signed to Allel Sound. I couldn’t be more excited to work with August.” “As a longtime fan of Jhene’ s, I’m really humbled by her belief in me as an artist” stated August 08. “She set the bar as an independent R & B artist from L. A. A. Who wrote her own rules and made no compromises in following her dreams. We really vibe on music and creativity and I’m excited to go on this journey with her.” Towards the Moon “is the second part of August 08’s two-part debut album project, titled” Seasick. “The first installment” Towards the Sun, “was released on Def Jam in April. The Los Angeles native, whose real name is August Grant, released his debut EP” Father “In 2018, followed by 2019′ s” Happy Endings with an Asterisk! “and 2020 ‘s” Emotional CUH “EP.