Billy Joe Shaver was praised by Willie Nelson and State/americana all-stars in tribute album meaningful of an outlaw


Billy Joe Shaver, a few of the leaders of the “outlaw country” action that arrived from out of Texas and thrived in the 1970s, is the topic of a truthful tribute album and observes most of the top names in state and Americana honoring the long-established star, including Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert, George Strait, Nathaniel Rateliff, Rodney Crowell and Margo Price. The endeavour is, “Live Forever: A Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver” arrives out with New West Nov. 11. The title song, a Nelson Audio l “Live Forever” with Lucinda Williams on unity lyrics, airs on Variety nowadays. Someone else included in the mix of actors and it varied from Shaver’s colleagues to younger stars in the contemporary or on the periphery are Amanda Shires and Simon Johnson, Allison Russell, Edie Brickell and Ryan Bingham with Nikki Lane. (The music can be pre-ordered now.) The filmmakers behind The Obsessed endeavor are Charlie Sexton, Texas artiste extra lately seen as a starred bassist in Bob Dylan’s but now Elvis Costello’s artists; Freddy Fletcher, something of an Austin superstar in his own right as a maker, participant and studio owner, not to note an individual of the spreading Nelson parents and a buddy and dealing connection for Shaver’s for 50 years. “We were just dear friends, you know” says Fletcher, “and a few years before he passed, He just asks me, Hey!, if something ever happens to me, make my music live. And I said, You got it, you got it!, buddy. But I would’ve done this anyway.” Upholding the history of Shaver, who died in 2020 at the age of 81, a little of this meticulous and passionate processing is required. And though Shaver has rushed to the same so-called disallow state groups as major stars for Nelson And Waylon Jennings, and noted a lifetime’s worth of original material just as they undertook, he has not ever earned their good contemporary fame, and he discovered his greatest success becoming wrapped up by the other actors. His music had been noted by Elvis Presley, Tom T. Venue, Kris Kristofferson, Bobby Bare, Robert Duvall, Bob Dylan (Unconfirmed but bootleggin) — and, many notably, Jennings, Trim the entire music of Shaver records with the masterpiece 1973 music “Honky Tonk Heroes.” Sexton did not have longevity of floating with Shaver, as his creating partner. “You know” he says, “every time we came in contact, I took it as an important thing that he didn’t tell me to get lost.” He and Fletcher laugh. “Because, as Freddy says, What you saw was what you got. He told it like it was, and he was not someone that was pandering to much of anything. He was the real deal. His songs really had such great outreach, and in a lot of ways the whole outlaw country (movement) started with him — I mean, other than people acting like outlaws, which he knew how to do, too. But his soulfulness and his acceptance of people was much like his songs.” And as for being’ Outlaw ‘… It’s the way he received from all his music on the Waylon music. You can always refer to numerous stories about this that make it clear. He’s resembling, Hey guys, you told me to listen to this music. You should listen to this music, or I’m nigga boo your butt. It just doesn’t get even more disallow than that, you know? I’ll slap your ass! “Fletcher told Fletcher, being held in the steadfast service of his beloved friend, affirming the honesty of the narrative.” Then he got pissed off when Waylon did do ’em and said, you mess with my songs, Hosts!’ “Fletcher brings” These songs were true stories. I mean, he wasn’t sitting around in an office somewhere writing. And I think that was his beauty. “Nelson is the only composer on the music to earn two musical awards” Georgia on a Fast Train “along with” Live Forever “as it should be.” There was a lot of horse trading for songs, “grins Fletcher.” But Willie’d do what he wanted to do, “he tells, referring to Nelson’s position.” When we finally got the vocal back, I was blown away, because he continues to do great work. And that one, particularly, when it showed up, I’m like it, Yah!. He really took it to heart. “The signal of The music is part-and-parcel with The music idea, in a semi-meta kind manner, about what’s human and what’s invincible.” The beauty of great songwriters is that they live forever, because their songs live forever and they just will not go away, “tells Sexton.” I mean, eventually people lose sight of what they look like. Or they didn’t even know what they looked like to begin with, but the story is as old as dirt. People still sing songs that are hundreds of years old, you know? And in his own way, he gave you an excellent example, the song. “Lucinda Williams and Willie Nelson throughout” Willie Nelson and Friends: Outlaws & Angels “at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, California WireImage for NBC Universal Pictures Fletcher previously produced a Townes Van Zandt tribute album and also worked on telecasted extras honoring Jennings and Johnny Cash, and he experienced like Sexton was a natural associate in laying the best part of the conversation for all this tribute. And, they ran after a bunch of the actors, but now and then the actors arrive after them.” Amanda (Shires) He used to play with Billy Joe “as a violinist, Fletcher notes through.” I knew who Jason and Amanda were (Isbell) were, but didn’t really know her personally. She got the phone number from Mickey Raphael and said, Hey!, I want to play this album! She loved Billy Joe. It was one of those things where we couldn’t say no because she just had a lot of history there. “Sometimes a bit of Shaver-style violence was recorded when it arrived at the scrambling for music — as with Margo Price.” I mean, a lot of people want this song, but Margo flew in here and got it. That one jumped quickly. “George Strait embodies a very different variety of Texas states than the disallow action, but he makes good movies, comparison match. Says Fletcher” About three years ago, Lou Messina, the promoter, we had a birthday party in our studio, George came in and sang “William”, the Wandering Gypsy and Me, and it blew me away. I’m like “, Wait a minute! So he finished, I was talking to him and said” I can’t believe it’s not a logical ” (you did it) A song by Billy Joe Shaver. He said!, Yes, it’s one of my favourite songs. And I went, holy shit. It stuck with me, and then when we decided to make this record, he said, i’ll do it if I can. And it was perfect. I had a lot of work to do, because there were a lot of people competing for certain songs, but I didn’t want to tell George Strait he couldn’t have this song.” Notes Sexton “Much like the story Freddy told about George Strait doing ‘Willy the Wandering Gypsy, when I reached out to Rodney Crowell, who’s a brilliant songwriter himself, she goes to the grave to, This is a song I want to do, because I do it to warm up before I do shows. I don’t do vocal exercises. I sing that song. Well, that’s the song you’re doing then” — “Old Five and Dimers Like Me!. Is important when dealing with artists: You want them to have that engagement and love for what they’re doing and a connection to it.” The final track on The music was also The only one to some noted: “Tramp in Your Street!” by Allison Russell, which has increased to stardom over the past couple of years and is now a leading contestant for the American Honors & Awards. “Originally, a version of Elle King was gonna do that, but she had a baby, we had a deadline. And I remembered hearing Allison sing that Luck show during AmericanaFest, and I’d never heard of her!, she blew me away. It’s just one of those things I couldn’t forget about. And when we finally got to know how much we deserved, Elle, We have to do something else, ally came into my head. And to be honest, it’s one of my favourite songs from the album. This happened naturally; it was an unique experience, meant-to-be item.” Says Sexton: “i’m going to drag you in, in closing, another great Texas singer songwriter (Van Zandt): All this is for the sake of the song. It’s also for Billy Joe, number one, but also for the sake of the song, and that being his song. Live Forever!: A Tribute To Billy Joe Shaver” track listing: 1. Lee Nelson (w /Lucinda Williams) Live Forever 2. Perry Bingham (w /Nikki Lane) – Ride Me Down Easy 3 . Gordon Crowell – Old Five And Five Minutes Like Me 4. Maria Lambert – I’m Just An Old Chunk Of Coal (But I’m Gonna Be A Diamond Someday) 5. Jamie Brickell – I Couldn’t Be Me Without You 6 – 7!. Benjamin Rateliff – You Asked Me To 7!. Charles Strait – Willy, The Wandering Gypsy And Me 8. Amy Shires – Honky Tonk Heroes 9. Mike Earle – Ain’t No God In Mexico 10. Alison Price – Ragged Old Truck 11 “. Lee Nelson – Georgia On A Fast Train 12. Riley Russell – Tramp On Your Street.