Bob Neuwirth Remembered by His Friends T. B. Burnett, Steven Soles and David Mansfield


Where should one start in evaluating the multi-faceted life and career of Bob Neuwirth?, the song, singer, Contemporary artist, coach, clever spark, agitated producer and confu who killed May 18 in Santa Monica at 82? A great starting point came from three veteran friends and participants who offered to share their meditations on Neuwirth’s history with Variety: Numerous Grammy-winning producers-songwriters, guitarists, and slurries, Maker, singer, song and multi-instrumentalist Steven Soles and multi-instrumentalist Steven M. O’Connell, songwriter and maker David Mansfield. Classic of so many actors whom the trails collided with Neuwirth’ s, the foursome arrived separately, but once here shared numerous earths with one another. Significant kudos are happening to his common position as ringleader, they came together with the critically acclaimed Alpha Band in the late 1970s, and soon moved on to inventive vocals jobs. The Alpha Band appeared out of their pieces in The Melodic Outfit and it supported Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Roger McGuinn and diverse others who distributed the focus throughout Dylan’s crazy and fuzzy Rolling Thunder Revues of 1975 and’ 76 — a wandering earl of indelible joy and desire to create a memorable album that reveals a way to share, Mansfield implies, that was also an item of Neuwirth’s effect behind the images as Dylan’s out front. Over the course of a quarter century Neuwirth released a bunch of solo albums, and attributed to endless other musicians ‘vocals for about half a century. His solo record was finished, launched in 1999, was “Havana Midnight” for which he and maker Soles partnered with Cuban songwriter and musician José Maria Vitier in gathering a diverse group of artists for a typically influenced partnership which produced splendid melodic consequences. He was also recognized as an abstract artist, Having studied painting at Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts who recognized Jackson Pollock, a chairman of imagination and with Rembrandt and the experts. His jobs were the subject of a job review in 2011, “Overs & Unders: Paintings by Bob Neuwirth 1964-2009” at L. A. Track 16 Gallery. He sat on the edge of stardom Throughout his life, but deliberately bypassed its hallmarks — despite important arrangement with Dylan, Janis Joplin (he co-wrote her strike “Mercedes Benz” and created her to Kris Kristofferson’s music “Me and Bobby McGee”), Patti Smith, John Cale, Kris Kristofferson and far too many others collate. Dylan himself was a co-author of Neuwirth’s 2004 text “Chronicles: Volume One” “Like Kerouac had immortalized Neal Cassady in” On the Road “, somebody should have immortalized Neuwirth. He was that kind of character.” Yet many who knew him and collaborated with him realize fame and fortune have not ever ranked high on his list of priorities, pointing to his compassionate soul of connectedness, gifts and fundamental optimism. “In the early days, he and the famous Bob were considered word assassins”) Soles recall, “but Neuwirth traded that angle of inclination to healing humanity through words and deeds.” The text “mentors” he comes up in dialogue frequently about his history. Neuwirth has a problem, Burnett says, “an eye for latent talent [and] an ability to draw it out.” More than once, he collaborated to place the focus on the others instead of himself. As Mansfield puts it below, “He gave, He never took the money.” T ONE BURNETT AN ATTEMPT AT A RECOUNTING OF BOBBY NEUWIRTH Bob Neuwirth was A crazy Zen priest He realized whatever was great And which wasn’t He saw us arriving He had AN intense focus And A clear sound And A dark, coolest separate reliable kind A coach An eye for hidden skill An ability to draw it out praise help understanding He has been experimental light directed stylish He was A beat wave honky song A singer of incredible talent And an abstract composer His music had been awesome solos that He would never recall Occasionally someone else would recall, for hundreds of years, for an indefinite future. He was clever jagged, jagged, lovable, saddened, distraught Bob Neuwirth came with the birth of the great-grandchild of Joe and Alice, a great-grandfather of the Great-grandfather of the great-grandfather of a great-grand, at the end of the Bebop/Beat/Abstract Expressionist change in American society. He was a receiver that stayed with that change. And he passed it into the potential, into the modern world. He had been edgier as Jack Kerouac. He seems to be edgier than Jackson Pollack. He was an artist of the highest calibre. Among us, dialogue fades, He stated, “The dystopia we live in is so much worse than The worst dystopian nightmares of our youth” He said, “I can’t wait for the others to see it.”, obviously, with deep sadness, But his body had been liquid. He also didn’t resign. And he seemed to be happy. Steven Soles, T Bone Burnett, Bob Neuwirth and David Mansfield at Neuwirth’s live performance at McCabe’s in Santa Monica in 2018 Sharyl Holtzman STEVEN SOLES I grew up on the Eastern end of Long Island where the popular summit the money and it was a large. I had been submerged in the artistic and I viewed my man develop painting every day. It was just natural that I ended up in the Woodstock house of Geoff and Maria Muldaur gathering Bob Neuwirth for the first period in 1968. I could see he really was painting. Cocktails were bubbling, as songwriter John Herald, Artie Traum and the Band members were sheltered. They seemed to be guffawing and entirely captivated in the plain-speak of this underrated American lord of the postwar era. After you have spent time with Neuwirth, you experienced, intelligent and influenced. He sometimes disturbs you. My Strange collection had been installed somewhere so I could boost my sense of smell for non-academic training. The above was accompanied by many midnight songs and music, the taste of color and naphtha as we introduced our names to the rising revival that was expanding across the world. It was like a cord where the reports are discovered in rapid-fire and delightfully quiet arpeggios. Unity and topic in one!. Small-town spoken. Neuwirth was always there, playing his shattered edition of the brilliant many others might have come to recognize. He seemed to be equally at home with kingdoms and peasants. In the early days, He and popular Bob have been recognized as text killers, but Neuwirth bartered, and it was a catalyst to recovering souls through words and deeds. Not everyone created this from the 60s or the 70s. We have taken the necessary steps. It was during the time Neuwirth would become a regular feature in my living and — in the next 50 years — a close friend and confidant. We loved watching and attending sports events from the companies to the juveniles. Partnering with other actors was a love affair for Neuwirth, who guided us to Cuba, where an unusual partnership with agent Jose Maria Vitier and his hand-selected Cuban songwriters created an unique music he named “Havana Midnight —.” It was a cultural exchange in a compassionate culture, this remains a hallmark of Bobby’s creative authenticity. Painting for art purposes, thank you very much!. He always searched for paintings, speech and music combined together like a great delicious combo!. Dark and grey and colours not just yet called. He was his stepbrother, no fear or contempt. Comprehensive praise and truth-telling that could be painful yet frank, but in the end carried more imagination and precision as I thought possible, the updated rating of the baseball game we were watching was jarring. To someone lucky enough To be in his geosynchronous state, I speak, “Be grateful for the precious time we had together.” i’m really jealous. Long Adios Bob… Steven Soles, T Bone Burnett, Bob Neuwirth, David Mansfield and Tony Gilkyson at Neuwirth’s live performance at McCabe’s in Santa Monica in 2018. Sharyl Holtzman. DAVID MANSFIELD Let me open with an observation and what it was like floating out with Bob. On the second Rolling Thunder journey we had a few surprising days off at a display in Baton Rouge, Bob chooses to go on tour with his buddy Bobby Charles ( “Walking to New Orleans”) in his house on the river in Abbeville (but if that whimsical journey wasn’t even that kind of a journey in itself!). James Cocker had only released an album starring a fantastic music of Charles’, “You Came Along” ( “God bless the gift of laughter, Thank God for a world of song!”), it was a reason for the festival. And it’s Sunday, i’ d get hooked, Bob created a Cajun song via dip. L. Gmbh and the Louisiana Aces. That changed my life!. While we were in the bus, Charles’s sister, Judy Hill, were already busy at work in the house, turning out a seemingly endless supply of mudbugs, hay, frogs and benson sauvage. Bobby’s aide-de-camp was a bad guy, snaggle-toothed character named “Bird.” By way of introduction, Bird could plug through his strategic pocketknife and demonstrate in a durable voice how he could dismember you and place your entrails in your fingers before you will yet experience it. Then he directed us to the pond to hold a bikini for the cook. Confident, we’re in the bar for a few hours, soak bikini meats with beer, and, as we drill in, Neuwirth says, “Have you ever had an alligator? It tastes just like… Dinosaurs.” Professionally, I’m an aficionado of Italian ediquette. When I complete a film rating, my work would be to bring the play on. When Bob played a show from his own show, he might contact me, my job was to make him more available; to protect, Sometimes equates with, his lyricism, so there’s more people in the crowd “get it.” A Bob Neuwirth display wasn’t a “silent show”, you didn’t really get a lot of food. But it was always good. I understood that everything I should do to function and it was. Making a song with Bob was always a journey. He was a three-chord-song leader, but like most of the creators who trim their teeth on the vintage, Strange America of the Harry Smith Anthology, he finished a word while he experienced it, or sometimes got spooked and doubled back, but you just will have to feel on for the cruise. But beneath melodic uncertainty was the same visual in his abstract painting. It similarly ran his music-making. We created data While creating data, we always did it quite normally, but survive he has been capable of going off the melodic pattern as quickly and deeply like any jazz musician. Take a listen to the music and lyrics he created a few years ago for Vince Bell, “Ojo.” Much has been already recorded about Bob’s instinctive skill at scene-making, that was certainly true — the episode that has become Rolling Thunder has been basically Neuwirth’s — and that he was in fine fettle for Vince’s conversations. Musician Ratzo Harris, musician and music brilliant Rob Schwimmer, Robert Dickson percussionist of the avant-garde genre, French songwriter and saxophonist Renaud-Gabriel Pion, dancers brilliant Pedro Cortez, Country singer Laura Cantrell, downtown superstar Dave Soldier — he fluidized and tipped his melodic dish in a manner no other could have, to surprise influence. From the day I entered a bathroom, dressing room, at the Other End of the street, an 18 year old with a violin example under my company, until his death, Bob was the one who made the most impact in my life. I think that will be really real!. I had a fair amount of experience working with superstars before then — my band had launched for Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris at Max’s Kansas City in 1973, when I met Neuwirth I played in Eric Andersen’s band. Within a few months Bob dropped me in the middle of the action of the showbiz bath, encouraging me to affix the Rolling Thunder Revue to it, in which he was required to keep a poker face while supporting Dylan, Baez and McGuinn. Eventually, even without saying a word, he taught me how to be undeterred, also maybe by handling me as a balance, right from the start, and by the same kind of empty praise he laid out with Janis, Patti Smith, Lucinda Williams and endless others when they had been beginning through. And it’s that time, he taught me in training and not to be pleased, or desire, The superstar. I took the pledge, at least a little, in my younger years, but Bob didn’t give up on me. He was the creative and divine uncle of the band T Bone, Steven and I created the company in 1976, the Alpha Band, and, by explanation, all without lecturing, I was trained to paint, not business. No investment in A, No big deal, easy, but we do. And anytime all of the other four of us would wander off the path, he’ll be there to slowly crush us. And chuckle. And make us chuckle. A bunch. I’m pretty sure I supported Bob at his first team concert, Greenwich Village, somewhere in the ’80s. He was disoriented, having to confront a group for the first period without a shield, nervous, above everything, that he had forgotten his sense of humor. The reverse!, obviously, came true. Which includes over 40 years of audio, conducting and drawing. We may all be crying our failure, but, as a result of sobriety, We received much more than anyone has predicted from the guy I saw brew Kris Kristofferson actually under the bar at the long Fritz Richmond home in Laurel Canyon in the mid-‘ 70s. And here begins a further part of the Neuwirth narrative. One thing is for sure: Bob had always had unlimited energy and creativity. While he was in rehab, he directed not all into his painting, and also into untiringly offering others. He became the first acting actor, albeit the edgiest one you’d seen. It was indeed true, perhaps, he saved many. And it man who was disoriented that nobody would ever go to his reveals anymore eventually created soberness amazingly great. And the man who started out as my clever coach has become my divine imagination. I remember talking for thousands of dollars (neither, thousands) who would say the same. A man just that goes, leaf an incredible opening, and also incredible imagination. My buddy Geoff Muldaur said, “Well done!, I guess we’ ll all have to step up our game.” I easily wouldn’t be me without Bob Neuwirth. What’s truly scary is that many other people are feeling the same manner — some of them popular, some of them disguised; some of them live there, some of them silent. Reissner trained us that while volume seems to be denser, Spacetime bends around it. Contact and it gravity. Perhaps that’s the simplest description of the manner in which Bob was also at the focus of all this. He has been able to hang with both the wealthy and the famous and even the privileged and disguise with balance in faith. While I was a child, I was really salivating as to how he could be at the center of episode after episode, but I finally realized his mystery. He didn’t want anything. He offered to help, he never took it. He always had the greatest appearance in the space without it ever being about him. He had little or no untrue humility, and/; he only realized how gently he diverted focus. C. S. Lewis stated, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, thinking less of yourself.” I question Can Jack Lewis surreptitiously music the musician? Randy Lewis wrapped pop music for the Los Angeles Times from 1981-2020.