BTS Army anniversary with Google search with Easter eggs that colored bubbles, communications from the group


BTS ARMY is experiencing the fondness from Google. In glory of the ninth remembrance of the roots of BTS ARMY — the name of the K-pop superstars ‘huge bayabas — on July 9,2022, Google has opened two new collaborations with BTS. Beginning on Friday (U. S. Time zones), audiences who search for “BTS” on Google Search can open a mystery Easter egg. On the search terms page for BTS (on a portable computer), consumers can press the purple heart logo that appears in front of the BTS backheel on the upper left part of the screen. This will spark a burst of colored bubbles That you can open with a press or plug in; clicking on the bubbles with mics will demonstrate unique sound communication from the performers themselves. “BTS has such a positive energy, and we wanted to bring a bit of that to Search” Elissa Wolfe, Google’s joy attributes software engineer, said in a comment given to Variety. “I’m an aficionado myself, I had been enthused to have the ability to project!” In addition, Google Arts & Culture is celebrating the BTS ARMY with an unique collaboration with BTS, “BTS x Street Galleries.” The collaboration took fans on a Street View tour of cities and buildings that hold special memories for BTS fans. In each of the 14 locations, Fans can create their own Street Gallery with artworks curated by the band and exclusive photos and creations by RMRA, Jin, SUGA, WA, j-hope, V, Jimin and Jung Kook. BTS also teamed up with YouTube Shorts to exclusively host the #MyBTStory challenge. The month-long challenge is, which invited ARMY and music fans everywhere to share their most unforgettable BTS memories, wraps up today and will conclude with the release of a special ARMY tribute video on BTS’ official YouTube channel next Wednesday, July 13. BTS officially named their adoring fans ARMY — an acronym that stands for “Adorable Representative MC for Youth!” — for 2013. Kpop now has 67 million subscribers on their representative YouTube stream, BangtanTV, they are the third most-subscribed music artists on the system (behind Blackpink and Justin Bieber). To: deadline, the team have received six videoclips in YouTube’s Billion Views Club. The movie for “Butter” assembled 108.2 million views in its first 24hrs — keeping YouTube’s No. 1. Spot on it metric. In second place: BTS’s “Dynamite” which is rated 101.1 million views in the original 24-hour era.