Crosby, stills & nash music collection home on Spotify after separation over joe rogan protest


Six months after the people of Crosby died, Stills Nash asked Spotify to pull the song from the streaming service, the folk-rock group’s music was restored to the system on Saturday. The pair had entered a rebellion by past bandmate Neil Young in February, Who requested that his song be removed from Spotify because the company’s distribution deal with common blogger Joe Rogan, who have been accused of spreading false information regarding COVID-19 and immunisation on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” On Saturday, in response to a Twitter consumer who asked Crosby why his song was home on Spotify, The songwriter stated, “I don’t own it now and the people who do are in it to make money.” i’m your boss? T own it now and the people that do are in business to make cash url: //t. Producer/TYXE XXI2z2y1w — David Crosby (@ thedavidcrosby) July 2,2022 In March 2021, Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artist Group purchased Crosby’s collection, which include his posting and recording, incl his solo work, as well as his jobs with the Byrds; Crosby & Nash; Crosby, Stills & Nash; and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. In May, Crosby said he was resigning from headlining since he was an “adopted” driver “I’m not quite used to doing it anymore. I don’t have the endurance; I don’t have the strength.” Crosby explained why he sold his catalog. “Spotify doesn’t charge us. I seemed to have two ways of creating a dwelling, headlines and data. Spotify arrives on Spotify, and I don’t get paid for data anymore” he said. “That’s quarter revenue, OK? I imagine that you can tell me, good, I should be thankful that I still can play live and pay the rent and maintain my parents. And along comes COVID, And I can’t play live. The reason I marketed my gathering is that I didn’t see any other alternative. Zilch. Nil.” Crosby, Stills & Nash in February released a statement saying, “We helped Neil and We believe with him there is a scary hoax premiered on Spotify’s Joe Rogan audio. While we often price substitute perspectives, intentionally spreading disinformation throughout this global pandemic has deadly consequences. Until real action is taken to show that an issue for soul should be adjusted with business, we don’t desire our song — or the song we created and — to have on the good system.” The solo recordings of Young — who in addition to yanking his music had exhorted Spotify employees to quit their jobs — remain off Spotify. Also mostly unavailable on the platform is the music of Joni Mitchell and India. Arie, who participated in what was ultimately a limited protest against Rogan. Last month, Spotify has formed an 18-member council to advise the company on policies addressing harmful content on the audio platform “while making sure we honor maker interpretation.” The company didn’t cite Rogan or The controversy over COVID misinformation in his podcast that announced it. Pictured above (l. To r.): Stephen Stills, David Crosby, Graham Nash.