Find Adele tell the stories behind chasing pavements, easy on me, extra songs


Adele gushed a few mystery behind the lyrics of any of her biggest hits in a video for her Elle cover story. The song represented content ranging from her first music, “19” to be updated “30” and started her life “Life in Lyrics” in a speech by explaining why “lyrics have probably changed a bit over time in terms of my vocabulary growing, considering that I started out when I was 19.” “But, you know, they always tell about the same thing: me” she describes, “and seemingly have no other choice, my failed relationships. Which is crazy because I actually don’t feel like that, but yeah.” Adele starts the section by trying to read a melodic line from a song “Easy on Me!” She acknowledged that she wrote many of the passages in the bath, It said the song made her think about why “lost I was when I left my marriage.” “A lot of my friends throughout that rainy period of my life kept saying to me that, You have to go easy on yourself, Don’t beat yourself up over your decisions, ‘” sustained. “It just really, really stuck with me, like a, I have to be kind to myself.” When reading a melodic “Chasing Pavements” Adele criticised the use of cementitious speech as a kids singer, speaking, “I do remember that on 19, I always use the word’ cause. It’s so lame. One time, I was in the studio with Sia, and I kept going, like the one we adore:),’ cause ‘or’ but ‘and’ and ‘, and she was like”, We don’t just use those words. We don’t speak those words, that don’t use words like that. It’s just so, like this, lazy. But clearly, I’m lazy. “Talking about it” All I Ask “she talked about what it was like to work with Bruno Mars on what she titled” one of her favorite songs. [Bruno] made me do about 50 million takes of that song. Normally, everyone was like “that was great”, that was fine, that’s all you gotta do! But he made me do so many. “In the cover narrative, Adele confirms” went into hiding “after making the decision to postpone her residency in Las Vegas just a day before its planned release. Her residency was postponed to November of this year. Stream Adele’ s” Kevin’s Wedding “on SoundCloud” Life in Lyrics “beneath the surface.