Ghostbusters Songwriter and Legendary R & B Artist Ray Parker Jr. Receives Documentary Treatment in “Who You Gonna Call”? ‘


Ray Parker Jr, the R & B actor and singer-songwriter known primarily for the soundtrack from “Ghostbusters” Receives documentary treatment “Who You Gonna Call?” from Sony Pictures Entertainment, which airs on digital platforms on June 7 — stream the preview below. The documentary shows, there’s much more to Parker’s job than this theme song: He had several R & B strikes in his own name and as leader of the group Raydio, and in his mid-teens became an in-demand meeting bassist, especially with Motown functions, for Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, the Temptations and particularly Stevie Wonder, yet headlining with his group when they were the support act on the Rolling Stones ‘legendary 1972 Umbrella. S. Journey. He then worked with Herbie Hancock, Barry White, Boz Scaggs and several others. Wonder and Hancock both appear in the film. Parker had given screenwriter Fran Strine his records and stories to tell his past — from thriving on the isolated roads of Detroit in the 1960s to winning a Grammy or even receiving his possess actor on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Parker tells me this, “At a very young age, I knew I wanted to be a musician. This was my dream. My life. I did everything and everything I could to make that happen. I’ d like to say that luck was very much on my side, but I think dedication and determination to make my dreams come true played a bigger part in my success. I always tell young musicians that if you want something, then work hard at it and go after it. When you find something you’re good at, the fun part just comes along for the ride! Also don’t think about Option 2. Make Option 1 a reality!. You are the only one to make it happen. Know that creating music is a collaborative process, so always deliver, have fun and enjoy the process. This usually guarantees call backs.” Strine tells, “When I interviewed Ray for my previous documentary ‘Hired Guns’, I knew there was a bigger story to tell. From the moment I sat down with him, I was instantly hooked on telling his life story. When most people think of Ray Parker Jr they think of Ghostbusters. Yes, he had great success with that song, but Ray is so much more than that. The list of legendary artists Ray has worked with and written for is staggering, and people don’t know this side of him. After learning more about him, I knew right away that I needed to tell his story. I’m confident people will draw inspiration from his life story, as I still do, by watching this film.”.