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Thursday morning’s declaration with several fresh Grammy Awards, especially the long-overdue Songwriter of the Year glory, has indeed received a strong answer from the song group. It both represents an Academy which has been growing more quickly and even more responsive to demands from the group — while the Songwriter of the Year has been a blatant and puzzling mistake in the half-century-plus since the Grammys start in 1994, in recent years calls for it have increased. And though the same could be said for the new Special Merit Awards, noticing a song that continues social change — And up-to-date socially relevant music by Childish Gambino And H. E. H. E. E. R. Song of the Year: There’s no question that all this shocking period in our culture today has made a greater call for that same kind of recognition, and this is a hello each. Variations engrossed with Mason about the changes on Wednesday. The Academy is indeed responding to calls for changes from The group far quicker than in The past. Seems to be there anything you can relate to that? Well done!, I guess that’s our society and our credo, and I think that it’s a result of the pace at which the song moves, our industry moves. I experienced that previously could have done a better job of not being even more responsive, but try to think and plan for what’s coming next, even though we understand how fast things move, It can sometimes be very hard. Our directors were very attentive to having additional talks to make Sure things can be resolved in a timely manner. Our employees has done an amazing work with the directors to have the ability to location things during real time, rather than expecting a day or one year. I’ll relate it to the employees, to the directors, and the partnership that is occurring. Do you have any thoughts as to why there wasn’t a Songwriter of the Year grant here? I don’t remember why they didn ‘t, I’m only pleased that there has been — I’m a songwriter myself. They need to be viewed the same as filmmakers and actors and designers or other people who are working in the area. Is there any bigger reason behind the fresh Best Performance classifications in America and Options? I imagine that the stockholders from such genres experienced that they needed that extra opportunity to showcase the concerts. As you know, Our operations are delivered by our people and from the components, but if they do this they want to change something, or insert or take it away, then it arrives with the offer, and also that offer echoing with the board, the initiatives have been accepted. That’s the cool thing about the Academy — it’s not really any one of us determining. It’s all about our people and our song group determining which experience is best for them. In that letter, there was talk about getting extra hip-hop awards? I don’t recall especially if there were any initiatives, but here’s often talk inside pretty much each style. We have our genre-based folks domestically and we’re often talking to them: How do we search within these categories?? Do we feel we’ve got the right balance? The okay lexicon? How do we manage the genres correctly?? We have a dialogue inside hip-hop, R & B, music, sandstones and many others to make sure the many classifications are updated and important. Was the social change grant something that’s remained discussed about much since you’ve been on the Academy? Of course, 2020 has provided more and more reasons for a grant like this. I don’t recall us still having to talk about getting that type of grant, but we always turned to music in times of hardship and we used music to help us repair our damage. I imagine it’s extremely quick — we’ve seen many of the power of song over the last few years, it is remained essential in playing that position. It’s great that we’re going to honor the reverse. Does it mean it might cut the chances of winning Song of the Year?? You know, You know, what kind of household does a man need, I do not believe in God. I don’t think it will happen, because it’s a Special Merit grant it’s not really like it’s happening to add an additional Grammy grant to a song, for, “Oh, I don’t want to give that song a Grammy because it’s going to get to the bottom of my head [the social change award]. I hope that people would listen to the song on its merits, as far as evaluating it for Song or Record of the Year, and then the Special Merit award would be very specific. With album eligibility going from 50 % to 75 % new material, is that largely a result of bonus editions of albums stretching out their eligibility by adding a few B-sides? I think that’s some of it, Yeah. But I think it’s a good change and will balance things out, and make sure that we’re protecting against people releasing the same material multiple times a year, trying to get a longer runway for the for their music. Is there anything more you’d like to say, with regard to these changes and anything else that came out of the recent board meetings? We’ve spent so much time in the board meetings dealing with the proposals, which I think is a result of the Academy trying to be much more nimble. That was a pretty high number of proposals, which kind of shows and reflects our intention of making sure we’re listening, making sure our members have the opportunity to really have a hand in and dictate where we as an Academy go. So we’re going to continue going forward to make sure that we’re looking into what’s happening and what needs to change. And I think this is another great step forward.