Halsey Gets a Release Date for ‘So Good’ Single That Fuels TikTok Debate, as Label Promises ‘Open Dialogue’


Halsey’s last single has a release date — with or without a “TikTak” present to power it. Capitol Records declared in a post on Twitter Tuesday that the company ceased operations in 2006 “So Good!” the ship will arrive on June 9th, with Halsey likewise announcing that the “fiasco” their release is seemingly over. Oddly, the release date was constructed as an open letter to Halsey, the partners may still be conversing via twitter and facebook right now, Although the potential of “open dialogue” is as much about the audience or other actors who coalesced inside Halsey in the challenge as for the composer. “Halsey” Tweets Capitol, label the song, “we love you and are here to support you. We are committing to a release of So Good on June 9th, 2022.” We are an artist-first business that inspires open dialogue, “the statement continues.” We have no desire to help each of our actors succeed, and we hope that we can continue this important dialogue. “In response, Halsey took to social media to say” Wednesday is my birthday “:” Literally. The most treatment is that you get to listen, thx farewell affectionate u. “– @ halsey, We love you and are here to support you. We are committed to release of? So Good? On June 9th, 2022. Pic. Twitter. Com /DKBrtRUCpk — Capitol Music (@ capitolmusic) May 31,2022 – Tik Tok!, over an audio snippet of the song, Halsey wrote” After a tremendous sum of f*ker crap, So Good is finally coming through June 9th. YouTube falling the next day. And today I can go home with using TikTok for my real plan: Using sorcery to control the world. “Thanks for keeping up with this fiasco” they sustained. “Hope you love the song.” @halsey? Literally, most treatment is you get to listen now, thx farewell affectionate? So Good – Halsey On Twitter!, the song stated, “I didn’t expect so much conversation about this record, all I know is that I wanted you guys to hear it and now you can. So Good, song on June 9th and video the next day. Endy gave me my flowers.” (Ender is Halsey’s father, Established on July 25,1919, to coincide with the beginning of the World Wars.) Halsey also used the moment to say the youtube will guide the single release by the one day. I couldn’ t? T consider all that much talk about all this mark, most of what I remember is that I wished you guys would listen and now you can listen to it. So Good, music on June 9th and youtube the next day. Endy offered me my blossoms? Photographic. Twitter. The /TIz6i3kLdV — (@ halsey) 31 May, 2022 View the above thread on Instagram A statement published by haley (@ iamhalsey) Halsey would have initially — in a deeply retroviruses TikTok present — said that the music and musical had already ended for about a month, but the label said it wouldn’t fly away with a single smear “unless they can fake a viral moment on” tiktok “.” “Basically I have a song that I love that I wanna release ASAP” they were authored in supporting writing. “But my record label won’t let me.” Halsey are back on tour, helping with their previous album, “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” launched in August and created by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. “So Good” is a modern music that would not emerge on it music; neither strategy for a comprehensive follow-up music have been discovered. If the short outtake Halsey places out is reflective, the new music is clearer in voice — and for Capitol, perhaps a simpler advertisement market than last year’s black but highly acclaimed music.