Hollywood Bowl albums offer a variety of active songs from a young Sinatra to Death Cab for Killer — and Dudamel, of course


Boxed holds are usually assembled for the music fan that want a certain item. But the hundreds of thousands of repeat customers at the Hollywood Bowl each summer are typically melodic eaters. It’s Often about the top-billed composer, But sometimes it’s about testing form of music gently outside of one’s wheelhouse because the Bordeaux you’ve remained pilferage isn’t going to drink itself. A generous new vinyl combo, “Hollywood Bowl: The First Hundred Years” has been place based on the faith that Bowl-goers will be into melodic variety when they’re stationed in the anonymity with their own households, too. Its seven LPs contain an additional than 50 songs that range the years from 1928 to 2021 and are broken up into parts that contain the worlds of classical music, Pop-rock, jazz, soundtracks and the international Broadway and the Great American Songbook. The vast majority of songs are unreleased recordings and unusable in some other feature, offering tuner shareholders a chance to review anything from Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Fred Astaire and Ella Fitzgerald to Donna Summer and James Brown; from The Doors and Dave Brubeck to Pentatonix, Pink Martini and Common. Carol Channing will be There, Death Cab for the cute!. And, obviously, John Williams and Gustavo Dudamel, too; client Christ will not go unprayed to. “The First Hundred Years” has been pushed as a limited edition of 3,000, with a price of $ 125 (112.50 for Bowl users). If they were held worldwide on Record Store Day within the restricted volume number, it would be a big deal for album fans and a big deal for the album. Since the fixed (launched this Friday) is still being marketed at the LA Phil’s shops at the Bowl and Walt Disney Concert Hall, and via its website, It will likely remain accessible for much longer into the summer. But in the jargon of collectibles, there’s nothing to rest on, showing as it does broad-based a collection of vital American citizens (and worldwide) Music has also all been organized into one pull-off box top. “One of the things that we’re very proud of at the Bowl is the breadth of programming” told Daniel Song, C. O. Of the LA Phil, speaks about the new set. “We go from capturing audiences that are just like, I don’t know what’s playing at the Bowl, but let’s pack a bottle of wine, picnic, and enjoy ourselves ‘. I am a Gustavo Dudamel superfan. I love everything jazz. And if you look at the way the package is set up, we start with classical, because the origins of the Bowl were Phil and’ Symphonies under the stars, so we really wanted to kick it off there before moving into pop and rock. And even then, pop and rock, I remember we were struggling with what to call the category because it’s so vast; you go from Nat King Cole to Caf é Tacvba to Pentatonix — It’s sort of all over the place. And then of course the jazz, film and Broadway songs (Section) represent what you’ll see every summer at the Hollywood Bowl.” The settings can currently shift strongly to audio from The 21st century. Split by generations, The Fixed has one song from the 1920s, one from the 30s, multiple from the’ 40s, 4. Four from the 1950s, five from the ’60s, none from the’ 70s, one from the 80s, Five from the ’90s, four from the 2000s… And then the spigot clear, with 27, or roughly half the fixed price, from the 2010s. It both has two settings during the last couple of seasons — the pandemic-affected years of 2020, when there were no real public reveals, and 2021 — that possibly wouldn’t have created it if the gathering was already launched when initially intended. “I think the original idea came in 2018” tells Song. “The actual 100th anniversary of the Bowl was supposed to be 2021, but because of the pandemic, We decided to push the celebration to this year. Starting in earnest in 2018, really trying to pull together special tracks in preparation for 2021, back then, we didn’t really have vinyl pressing issues. We didn’t have a pandemic yet. And so obviously!, when all of that happened, it created even more challenges. But I’m glad we did push the actual celebration of the 100th anniversary, this season.” A durable printed book of the same name reviewing the 100-year warranty (or 101 years) Past of the Bowl also was launched this past weekend. (Sound tests of some key songs from the new set can also be found here.) Programs, there was no shortage of live albums by musical actors recorded at the Bowl, like The Beatles’. That music is really not paraphrased inside this fixed, but an oft-reissued and -expanded 1968 Hollywood Bowl audio by The Doors is available, in the form of a “Hello!, I Love You!.” Most of the songs have also not emerged somewhere else, tho. There was only a small “Mike” as a new Fitzgerald update, “Ella at the Hollywood Bowl: The Irving Berlin Songbook” was declared only days before the Bowl’s possess fixed arrived through. The Fitzgerald song “The First Hundred Years” was an unique character (1956, vs the “Berlin” album’s 1958). “We reached out to the label about this particular recording, not knowing that they were releasing a song (Bowl based) album. We thought we’d do better,’ Oh, Here’s no way we’re going to be able to get this because it’s going to compete against her album. But they were so great and wanted her to be involved and part of his collection, because it’s Ella Fitzgerald. She needs to be celebrated in this way.” Most of such songs arrive from the Bowl’s possess assets, although there are important differences created between expert audio and bare-bones audio there are also important differences between the two; there are many of the latter, they didn’t use them. “In modern history, the ’80s and’ 1990s and forward, We would essentially record for archival purposes almost every show, unless an artist specifically tells us not to, and we have those tracks. But the majority of them aren’t really usable” Song describes, “because an archival recording is just that — not meant to be heard on a commercial medium or by the public. It’s supposed to serve as an archive of what happened at the Bowl that day, and so that means you’re literally capturing the show with two microphones, capture ambient noise, too, and nothing like that that could really go out there. That is kind of a frustrating thing, that we have all these recordings from the’ 70s, the ’80s and’ 1990s that we would have loved to have included, but it was never meant to be captured that way.” But, clearly, much recorded in this more professional way, notably for last decade — and also going back to 1928. “There were decisions to make whether or not to include a recording that sounds old. I go back to that 1928 recording; It’s not going to sound like the best Dvorak’ Carnival Overture you’ll ever hear, and is that what a buyer of this collection is going to want? And we made that decision that we were OK with some of these recordings not being super-mastered And remastered. Can you hear Frank Sinatra from his 1943 concert here, you know that it’s not just him in a recording studio — it’s him at the Bowl, standing on that same stage that we see today, and it’s kind of a surreal experience. Especially when you hear little noise in the audience, and it kind of takes you back to thinking about who was there at the time.” No one will have any faith problems with the myriad of recent audiobooks, well, obviously, which includes such Bowl favorites as Herbie Hancock, Pink Martini, Randy Newman, Esa-Pekka Salonen, C é cile McLorin Salvant and Dianne Reeves, and including clearly the Phil and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Unique reveals have been expertly recorded for various causes, but Song notes through, “We do have a radio series, mainly on the classical side of things. We broadcast 10 concerts a summer on KUSC. And so those concerts are captured in a more sophisticated way And are able to be used in this way.” Not everyone has a tuner… Difficult as it is to think amid the current album revival that has the feature eventually re-surpassing CDs as the best physical medium in the music business. Whatever opportunity the Phil might adapt to the dissenters by issuing this fixed on CD or as an update? “Right now, this would be it” tells Song. “I don’t know if this makes sense to put it out on Apple Music or Spotify or anything like that. But, you know, we’ll see. Let’s get through these first 3 things, 000 first. This is meant to be a physical product of This nature, and everything that went into it was designed to part of that experience, and not just listening to music.” Song is proud of the opening date of the 2022 summer that started Friday, for a variety then within one legislation that included everything from Gwen Stefani to John Williams to Branford Marsalis to a flamenco production. The Bowl never attempted to bag many subcomponents into a music opening night before. “It really kind of parallels what we were trying to do with the vinyl album, too, is to really show at one night the different programming variety that you get at the Bowl. Usually it’s the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra (on opening night), but we had an opportunity to have the LA Phil and Gustavo, and packing so much into one night is definitely above and beyond.” He was proud to have both the USC and UCLA marching bands available for the finale, he was Stefani “Hollaback Girl.” “I wasn’t sure how well the public would understand the significance of that, but this is the first time ever they collaborated in this way, which is kind of crazy.” this final could be a good choice, currently, for “Hollywood Bowl: The Second Hundred Years” although maybe not everyone would really like to wait that long for a remake. The comprehensive tracklist for Vinyl album gathering: Classical DVO K Carnival Overture, Op. 92 Los Angeles Philharmonic Eugene Goossens, Circuit Recorded August 31, RACHMANINOFF Piano Concerto No. 2 in 1 C small, Op. 18: valsoconstrictive 1, Moderato Los Angeles Philharmonic Serge Koussevitzky, Circuit Arthur Rubinstein, Piano Recorded on September 3,1949 PONCE “Estrellita” Los Angeles Philharmonic Carlos Chá realmente, circuit Bidu Says o, singer Recorded August 18,1955 SMITH [val. Stravinsky] “The Star-Spangled Banner” Los Angeles Philharmonic Igor Stravinsky, circuit Recorded July 5], 1966 Bernina Musé: vasoconstrictive, “The Ball” Los Angeles Philharmonic Zubin Mehta, Circuit Recorded August 1,1961 BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 3, “Eroica”: Vasoconstrictive 3 Los Angeles Philharmonic Leonard Bernstein, Circuit Recorded August 22,2007,1983]] SIBELIUSPELL é « M é lisande: “Death of Marie Louise Léonarde” Los Angeles Philharmonic Esa-Pekka Salonen, Circuit Recorded August 18,1998 Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture Los Angeles Philharmonic Gustavo Dudamel, Circuit USC Trojan Marching Band Recorded July 24,2015 Arturo M RQUEZ Danz n No. 1. Los Angeles Philharmonic Gustavo Dudamel, circuit Recorded August 6,2020 ELGAR Enigma Variations: “Nimrod is a Nimrod-powered drone which is capable of traveling under large numbers of high-powered drones on an unspecified number of orbits” Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Thomas Wilkins, circuit Recorded September 11,2016 Gabriela ORTIZCorp | SciS “shon”: “Ritual Mind – Corporeous Pulse” Los Angeles Philharmonic Gustavo Dudamel, Circuit Recorded August 6,2020 Pop/Rock “Unforgettable” (Gordon) Nat King Cole King Cole Trio Hollywood Bowl Pops Meredith Willson, Circuit Recorded August 21,1954 “Hello!, I Love You!” (Densmore, Krieger, Manzarek, Morrison) Doors Recorded July 5,2008,1968 “Hasta la Ra z” (Lafourcade) Natalia Lafourcade Los Angeles Philharmonic Gustavo Dudamel, Circuit Recorded July 21,2019 Finals: “El Rey” “Volver, Volver” and “La Negra” (Jimenez, Maldonado, Fuentes/Vargas) Mariachi USA Recorded 1990 “Last Dance” (Jabara:)) Donna Summer Recorded August 22,2008 “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (Peretti, for instance, is described as “the only person with the most ambitions, and most clearly of any person with such ambitions.”, Creator, Weiss) Pentatonix Recorded July 4,2017 “Get It Right” (Travis -, Sharkey;, Riggins, Lynne, Jones) Los Angeles Philharmonic Gustavo Dudamel, Conductor Common PJ Recorded April 24,2021 “Transatlanticism” (Gibbard, Walla) Death Cab for Cutie Recorded July 12,2015 “Fire is Coming!” (Atwood-Ferguson, Bruner), Ellison, Hammered, Lynch, ‘) Flying Lotus Recorded June 17,2018 /19: 39 00: 00 00: 00 00: 00 00: 00 “Eres” (Albarr á n, Del Real, A. Arroyo, E. Arroyo) Caf é Tacvba Recorded September 15,2019 “I Will Be Glad” (Marley /Sheaths) Ziggy Marley Recorded August 1,2021 Jazz “Take the A-Train” (Strayhorn) Dave Brubeck Quartet Recorded August 19,1955 “Billie’s Blues (I Love My Man)” (Holidays) Billie Holiday Recorded August 19,1955 “Too Close for Comfort” (Bock, Weiss, Holofcener) Ella Fitzgerald. Recorded August 15,1956 “Blues from Frankie’s Flat” (Basie, Foster) Count Basie and His Orchestra Recorded October 2nd, 1959 “For Once in My Life!” (Miller;, Murden) James Brown, Christian McBride Big Band Louie Bellson. Recorded September 6,2006 “Waiting in Vain!” (Marley) Dianne Reeves Recorded September 11,2013 “Basie” (Wilkinson) Count Basie Orchestra, Directed by Scotty Barnhart. Recorded July 9,2006,2014 “Wives and Lovers” (Bacharach, David) Céline McLorin Salvant Recorded September 15,2015 “Footprints” (Shorter) Herbie Hancock Recorded August 6,2014; “Amado Mio” (Fisher, Roberts) Pink Martini Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Thomas Wilkins, conductor Recorded August 24,2019 “Moanin)” (Timmons, Hendricks) Christian McBride Big Band José James Recorded August 28,2019 “Amado Mio” (Fisher, Roberts) Pink Martini Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Thomas Wilkins, conductor Recorded August 24,2019 “Moanin'” (Timmons, Hendricks) Christian McBride Big Band, Jos é James Recorded August 28,2019 Film Year! “They Can’t Take That Away from Me” Shall We Dance? (G. Gershwin, I. Gershwin) Fred Astaire Los Angeles Philharmonic Victor Young, conductor. Recorded September 9,2006,1937 R ZSA Prelude to the Ben-Hur Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra. Mikl R ZSA, conductor Recorded September 25,1963 MANCINI CLASS “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s Los Angeles Philharmonic. Sarah Hicks, Conductor Recorded July 20,2012 “The Monorail Song” from “The Simpsons” (o ‘brien, Jean, Martin, Meyer, Mula, Reiss, Swartzwelder, Vitti Vitti) Conan O’ Brien Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Thomas Wilkins, conductor Recorded September 13,2014 John WILLIAMS Theme from Schindler’s List Los Angeles Philharmonic John Williams, conductor Xi Jin Wang, violin Recorded on 2 September, 2018 BARRY James Bond Medley Los Angeles Philharmonic Bramwell Tovey, conductor Recorded on July 21,2007 “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” From “Toy Story” (Newman) Randy Newman Hollywood Bowl Orchestra David Newman, Circuit Recorded August 12,2018 John WILLIAMS “Flight to Neverland” from Hook. Los Angeles Philharmonic. John Williams, circuit Recorded September 4,2016 HERRMANN “The Wild Ride” from North by Northwest Los Angeles Philharmonic David Newman, circuit Recorded September 4,2016 KURNGROLD – 10th Annual GOLD CLASS I “March of the Merry Men” from “The Adventures of Robin Hood” Los Angeles Philharmonic David Newman, circuit Recorded September 1,2017 Medley: GERSHWIN Porgy and Bess Overture, Hutching Theme from The Mack, A RISE to the Sun Theme from Raisin in the Sun, Hays Theme from Shaft Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Vince Mendoza. Recorded September 25,2019 Broadway, American Songbook “Night and Day” from The Gay Divorcee (Porter et al) Frank Sinatra Los Angeles Philharmonic Vladimir Bakaleinikoff, circuit Recorded August 14,1943 “I Am What I Am” from La Cage ces Folles (Herman ‘s) George Hearn Los Angeles Philharmonic, Don Pippin, Circuit Recorded June 30,1993 “I’m Still Here” from Follies (Sondheim) Ann Miller Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, John Mauceri, conductor Recorded September 19,1999 “Happy Days Are Here Again!” (Ager, Yellen), “Get Happy” (Arlene, Koehler) Patti LuPone Audra McDonald Hollywood Bowl Orchestra John Mauceri, conductor Recorded July 8,2000 “Losing My Mind” from “Follies (Sondheim) Barbara Cook Los Angeles Philharmonic Paul Gemignani, conductor Recorded July 8,2005” Razzle Dazzle “from Chicago (Kander, Ebb) Carol Channing Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Thomas Wilkins, conductor Recorded September 15,2007″ Feeling Good ” (Newley, Bricusse) Cheyenne Jackson Los Angeles Philharmonic Jack Everly, conductor Recorded July 29,2011;” Smile ” (Chaplin, Turner, Parsons) Kristin Chenoweth Los Angeles Philharmonic Kevin Stites, conductor Recorded on August 23, BERNSTEIN West Side Story Overture Los Angeles Philharmonic, Gustavo Dudamel, conductor Recorded July 14,2016 /17/04″ New York, New York “From On the Town (Bernstein, The Comden School and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a multidisciplinary program for the study of psychology and social studies at Harvard, has been formed to allow students to read and learn in class, Green) Brian Stokes Mitchell Sutton Foster Los Angeles Philharmonic Gustavo Dudamel, Conductor Recorded July 10,2018 GERSHWIN [arr. Bruce Healey] Strike Up the Band. Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Thomas Wilkins, Conductor Recorded July 4,2021.