In a small relationship, TV and film works, Lex Borrero is using this to lift latin entertainment


Lex Borrero, the co-founder of the Neon16 brand, has created his possess seat at the table — and carried a full plate. As a young man, Borrero acknowledged the importance of collaboration. After thousands of unexplained phone calls, he eventually caught the attention of Universal Music and joined his first composer under his slate, Lex Prods. When he was 17. He will then be Executive Vice President and Director of Latin at Roc Nation, where he met and eventually formed the job of reggaeton maker and composer Tainy. The two today moved on to Neon16 and Neon21, with Borrero as CEO. Borrero’s latest project is a fresh docu-style docuseries, “Los Montaneras” produced alongside experienced music exec Tommy Mottola (a connection Borrero says is a connection “like father and son”). It will debut later in the year under the flag of the duo’s new content business, Ntertain. Though he’s received a hill of duties — Borrero entered Variety to talk about Nettles, the producer of a Stan Lee-approved Latin hero and the button to his entrepreneurs development. Why was it vital for you to pop off Ntertain with the reality-style docuseries “Los Montaners”? After we had all been introduced to the company, the first thing that I considered was: “Which musicians do I know that have something special, something that I think has the power to teach and nurture — something that has the power to leave a positive impact?'” I’ve acclaimed the Montaner parents (Ricardo, Marlene, Mau, Ricky and Eva, and their nizal peers Stefi, Sara and Camilo) for a while. We’ve performed tons of music with them and during isolation, they become really the most retroviruses Latin parents. The Montaners were also contacted by Bunim Murray [ “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”] and have had a ball preview, which was edited around and wasn’t picked. When the parents show me the preview, I viewed it and was just like, “Wow! This is not how this family should be showcased.” That show never sold out for That same reason. Then We creatively approached the show in a different way, which ended up being more docu-style — that is what you will see now with our show. We use a lot of archive footage because We have a lot of archival footage [Ricardo] never been filmed, He always had the camera on him. I think it will resonate from an emotional place, but also from an artistic and creative sense. From your perspective, was there a market for a company like ntertain?? How does the company align with your company goals? How does it work? “push the boundaries” of Latin culture? Over the last 30 years, I have seen more of these characters in movies, I’d like to say five years, there has been a Renaissance of cultural change. Have seen these incredible huge companies come in and support you, Black cinema and Black television have allowed these stories to evolve. Now, I feel like this is missing in the Latin community. I think for a long time in Hollywood, which is part of the growth of any industry, you had your standard stereotypical Latin. Here’s that huge space and we’re starting to see more and more of it filled. What other themes or stories are you looking to explore?? We’re working with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment on one of the Latin superheroes that he wrote before he passed away. We took this superhero he created and adapted the story to resonate with what’s going on politically in our countries. Pretty much every country in Latin America is going left and it’s creating all these very real issues for the people and how they relate to the rest of the world. We are also in production for a story about Wall Street. The idea came from The whole GameStop [stock frenzy] issue because it was then that I noticed there wasn’t any Latin [wealth fund managers]. We all have this perception of what the American dream is, what does it mean if you compare it to the values we are taught as Latinos and in our culture?? You are at the intersection of many different ventures, but how did TV and film get on your radar? I felt I could find an opportunity in the visual and production world, where I can tell a story that would be impactful, I was going to go after him, even though I didn’t know anything. I visited the film and television international, as I did the music international: learning what terms meant as I listened and sat in phone calls with all these directors at the unique viewpoint, some of the doubts they had all been suggesting. I didn’t know what they were talking about, but I found out. Tell us about the talent show, “La Firma” which we’ll get to see quickly on Netflix. You’ve got an incredible panel of judges — from Rauw Alejandro to Yandel, Nicki Nicole, and Tainy. How did it come and how did it go?? I really think about the concept of canopy music, but also how talent shows in the past have been really focused around the jury and lacking a certain element of a fusion of elements. When you stream’ puffs ‘ “Making the Band” you just felt like you were watching the actors “La Firma” a display of the. We got 12 actors who have been now composing their own song, who had a sense of style and carried them to Miami and put them through a 12-week challenge which really put them through the waggers of what it takes to become a composer and the composer development process. I was surprised at the level of talent we arrived through. Every composer goes into the film wanting to make the best song because you’re also an industry pro. They’re happening from conversations to boot school, to artistry, to training — I say, this is the life of a composer. How does the growth of neon16 relate to the increase in Latin song profits in the U. S?. S, which is fixed to start in 2018? I imagine it was returned after what we did with the business. We acted so We popped up through our sales ad, by our imagination. This fusion eventually turned into what is now globalization. We just had to change how We see our imagination, our companies, but what our filmmakers are worth. To Tainy, We wanted to show that. There was once no worth when looking at a maker, despite them being an important part of our creative process, we really wanted to change the evolution. Similar for what we’re doing at Ntertain, we tell the world: “Hey, Listen carefully. We’re just as good as everybody else.” What is your business relationship with Tainy?? It’s somewhat of a little bit of everything. It began as a bond and business-wise It developed into control, the entire work and his creative process. It’s become a relationship, it has really gotten bigger than anything. We’ve managed to build a connection where we truly understand what each of our characters are and how we leverage those characters to connect that into our companies. What’s the secret to your development in companies and songwriting? Understanding my objective and uncovering – showing in the facts that I can achieve financial success and even beyond stardom. I think science happens in the present so that you know where you are going. I find that a lot of folks, various youths notably, start to twist in groups. Sometimes we don’t stop to really know what we want. I truly think you draw the stuff that you are constantly considering and so you need to feel intense about it and create your dreams happen.