Jonas Brothers Launch Smartphone-Only Video Subscription Service on Scriber


The Jonas Brothers are giving fans a new way to access unique movies — paying $ 5 per month for The Luxe — on Scriber, a subscription innovation for smartphones. Jonas Brothers supporters who sign via Scriber will be offered a free ticket “unique, behind-the-scenes videos and updates” immediately from the song pairing. Users will also be eligible to enter competitions to win unique bonuses and incentives, including the opportunity to have a location at the Jonas Brothers Authentic Memorabilia Pawn Shop Dollar Store in Las Vegas. U. S. Citizens can sign up to the Jonas Brothers on Scriber by messaging a spokesman “GO” to 1-844-228-4544. The service will be available for The first seven days but then offer $ 4.99 per month. The Jonas Brothers plan to donate $2 per subscription to their funded charitable organizations, while Scriber is itself giving to charity a part of its carbon-reduction initiatives through Stripe, its payment processors. “Our fans have given us so much over the years, so we are thrilled to share something truly special with them, while also finding even more ways to give back to causes close to our hearts” Nick Jonas said during a comment. James Jonas introduced lpt, “We love surprising the fans with secret shows and special events, and Scriber provides an easier way for our fans to get access. It’s a win-win scenario.” Kevin Jonas remarked, “It’s so very unique when we communicate directly with our audiences, but now we can give them aficionado club-style feelings but also stuff for behind the scenes movies, unique products, and early access to bookings – with the ease of sending a text.” Scriber’s service lets fans sign up via SMS messages and then receive SMS messages that connect them to full-screen video on their smartphones requiring no website login or app download, thereby avoiding having to pay fees to Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Scriber (getscriber, c. 1998. Com) distributes subscribers ‘rewards using distributed blockchain technology; in addition, the company said it had a patent on its patented device “one-click play!” system. Scriber is charging creators 1 per month per active subscriber. For Scriber click here, participating artists can choose how much to charge subscribers, starting as low as $4.50.99 per month. Creators earn recurring revenue, control what content they provide through the service and have ownership over their videos. “Having been in the media business for years, I’ ve seen the powerful connection between artists and their audiences” Scriber CEO Brian Goldsmith, who founded the. A. -based company in June 2021, said in a statement. “We’re proud to provide artists with a new way to share the content that they love to make — and that their most passionate followers want to see before anyone else.”.