Kanye West parodies Kid Cudi for escaping a loud rolling concert after becoming struck with wet bottles


On Monday, The ongoing feud between former friends and participants Kanye West and Kid Cudi took another turn, while West took a shot at his former buddy, Pete Davidson, as part of a grand digital drill in Davidson Park, West has ended his relationship with K. A. Karadashian’s estranged wife according to reports. (Read this statement first: Such is the life of a brilliant internet troll.) The drill came as a lead in a ridicule New York Times lid that is just an update on West’s presumably exploitative behaviour and actions toward Davidson and Kardashian, which has varied from verbal threats to sophisticated funny, including West burial a Davidson idol in the YouTube for his music with the Game Boy, “Easy.” Updated “prank” came in the form of a fake headline reading “Skete Davidson Dead at 28” ( “Skete” becoming his moniker for Davidson, obtained from profane Chicago phrases), with the base going to read: “Kid Cudi intended to play funeral, but afraid of bottle throwers.” The Cudi note relates to an event on July 22 during The sophisticated play around Rolling Loud Festival, where West had been originally slated to become a frontman but suddenly drawn out almost days before the event. Cudi was the only person who had tried to leave his country but he was unable to attend this training, with whom he had been clashing, took his place, but cut his set short just after five songs after he was struck with water bottles by audiences. View the above thread on Instagram A post shared by verily (@kanyewest) Cudi conducted the fourth music of his collection, “REVOFEV” when this seemed to be a glass cast from the group striking him square in the mouth. “Yo, I will walk off this stage if you all throw one more fucking thing up here, I will leave, I will leave right now” he said, “After the effect.” Throw one more fucking thing on this stage and I’ll walk off, I’m not playing fuck. I’m not fucking playing a, you will ruin it for everyone. I’ll fuck it If I get hit with one more fucking thing, if I see one more fucking thing on this fucking stage, I’m leaving!. Don’t fuck me with it. “Not surprising, a water bottle was thrown at Cudi almost immediately, He walked off. Ironically, after all West had performed at the Rolling Loud Festival, popping up during Lil Durk’s set on Friday, the night before he was originally scheduled to headline. The duo performed a concert” Hot Shit “the new Cardi B song that they both feature, as well as West’s classic” Father Stretch My Hands Pt. Ltd. 1. “Notably, the latter song features vocals from Cudi. The feud, which dates back at least very early this year, this is probably due to Cudi’s friendship with Davidson. This month, cudiann announced on Twitter that a track on Pusha T’s upcoming album is slated for release on May 4” It’s Almost Dry “would be his next music with West. Cudi and Kanye frame audience dropping out after West deleted Cudi’s donations on his show” Done 2 “update. West co-produced with Pharrell the new Pusha T music that Cudi starred in.” Hey! So I know some of you have heard about the song I was given [with the -F-S] Pusha “Cudi wrote on his Twitter page.” I did this song a year ago when I was still cool [with a couple of a few pairs] Kanye. I am not cool [with] That man!. He’s not my friend and I only played the song for Pusha [because] that’s my guy!. This is the last song you will hear me on [with] Kanye wreaks haw wawwowowwowoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. “.