Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone directs Spotify’s canny lions roster; dua lipa intro (Unique!)


Spotify has announced its production and screen roster for this week’s Cannes Lions Festival, that will happen Monday, June 20 to Thursday, June 23. (The festival runs until June 24.) For an intermission Spotify Beach, that will create its household on the Croisette everyday from twilight till dawn. Concerts occur each evening but include Kendrick Lamar, DJ Pee. Tiny, Anderson. Paak is a Portuguese native living in Prague, Kaytranada, the Black Keys and Post Malone, plus an impromptu composer, Dua Lipa was discovered by Spotify. DJ Henrie, co-host of the Spotify Original Who We Be podcast, throughout the week he will be turning out as the house dj on spotify. Elsewhere on Spotify’s Lions narrative, founder and CEO Daniel Ek will rest for a conversation on the future of media, creators and fandom, moderated by Sara Fischer from Axios. Dustee Jenkins, Vice President and Global Head of Public Affairs, will direct a screen named, “Who is Gen Z, Really?” featuring Kayla Suarez and Thomas Pham, co-hosts of the event “Teenager Therapy” The Podcast!, Ziad Ahmed, CEO and founding father of JUV Consulting. Taj Alavi, VP and global head of marketing, I’ll handle it “Representation Behind the Mic!” alongside panelists Jemele Hill and Snozy], founder of the Unfettered Podcast Network and host of Spotify’s “Jemele Hill is Unnerved” and Joan Baker, Co-founder and VP of the Society for Voice Arts and Sciences. Dawn Ostroff, chief content officer at Spotify, will mild a “Dive Into The Batman Audio Universe” with panelists to be declared. Find the tonight roster beneath: Monday (June 20) DJ Pee. Tiny aka Anderson. Paak Kendrick Lamar Tuesday (June 21) Kaytranada Dua Lipa Wednesday (June 22) The Black Keys Post Malone Daytime software (all on France cst): Monday (June 20,2016) 3: 00-3: 45 PM: Who is Gen Z?, Really? Moderator: Dustee Jenkins, Vice-President, Global Head of Public Affairs, Spotify Panelists: Kayla Suarez, Co-host, Teenager Therapy Podcast; Thomas Pham, Co-host, Teenager Therapy Podcast; Ziad Ahmed, CEO /Founder, JUV Consulting Tuesday (June 21,2006) 11: 00-11: 45 AM: Future of Media, Creators and Fandom of Spotify Founders & CEO, Daniel Ek. Moderated by Sara Fischer, Media Reporter for Axios 2: 00-2: 45 PM: Behind The Mic Moderators: Taj Alavi, Vice-President, Global Head of Marketing, Spotify Panelists: Jemele Hill, Emmy Award winning writer and Host of Spotify Original podcast Jemele Hill is Unbothered; Joan Baker, Co-founder and CEO, and Vice President, of the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences TM Wednesday (June 22) 11: 30 AM-12: 15 PM: Dive Into The Batman Audio Universe Moderator: Dawn Ostroff, Chief Content Officer, Spotify Panelists: To be declared.