Kris Wu is charged with molestation


Canadian megastar Kris Wu was convicted of molestation after a mystery test in Beijing on Friday, Hong Kong media reports. He threatened spending between seven and nine days in jail. Wu has been imprisoned and arraigned in August last year after allegations were made in late July by Du Meizhu, 18, A skincare leader!. The girl utilised twitter and facebook to indict The songwriter and performer of date-raping her while she was 17 and a period when she was alcoholic. Du eventually charged him with doing it side with young women, incl. Two juveniles. Wu denied the charges at the time, and authorities appeared to initially appear to have partnered with Wu. Two weeks later, the Chaoyang District People’s Procurator in Beijing issued an official report stating that it had accepted Wu’s incarceration despite his being sent to prison “after investigation in accordance with the law.” Reports are beginning to emerge about a trial in Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court that was not open to the public, presumably so as to guard the victim’s anonymity. The costs included molestation and “group licentiousness.” While the Hong Kong media reports have not worded out the information, there was no implication for the conclusion, if there was an official conclusion, there should be little confusion in the output. Chinese authorities have a 99.9 % prosecutions. Punishment will be declared at a later date, the court stated. In China, the offence of rape usually charges a statement with between seven and nine years in jail. In particularly heinous situations, as well as cases of statutory rape, the statement could lead to jail time or death penalty. The age of majority in china is 14 years. Team Licence, described as gender involving three or more attendees over the age of 16, carries a maximum five-year sentence. At the period that the formal charges had all been created, the court may also decide to expel Wu. Wu was founded in China but has Canadian ethnicity, and has been one among China’s best entertainment actors. He rose to fame as part of the Chinese-language spinoff of Korean boyband EXO, before concentrating on his job in China. The emcee became a TV equipment jury and coach on showcases including “The Rap of China.” In 2018, he signed an exclusive delivery deal with Universal Music. Initially supported by UTA and CAA, Wu has emerged in Hollywood movie incl “XXX: Return of Xander Cage” and “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” as well as Chinese movies like Guan Hu’s “Mr. Six” and 2016 dream “L. O. R. D. Legend of Ravaging Dynasties” and its 2020 remake. The petty press and groups last year represented Wu’s incarceration as a major victory and an explanation of China’s solid law. It was also an additional chance, in an already far achieving push, to call for a clean-up of the hurtful, money and celebrity-worshipping society. He was arrested last year After proof of his incarceration, Wu was quickly nixed by streaming platforms, announcers and the nationally and internationally label that he approved. In the case of all other celebs who have fallen foul of the rules, such as that of artist Zhao Wei last year, representative rejection can require acting prohibitions, restricting internet searches and the separation of their name from originally released performs.