Lapolt law encourages five lawyers to associate


LaPolt Law, the Los Angeles-based musical and entertainment company created in 2001 by Dina LaPolt, five of its lawyers have been promoted to associates. Promos for The ’50’, Today, mirror their donations to the company, which specializes in intellectual property law, Music law and public strategy. The new partners — depicted above (full back fl s, l-r) Kristin Wenning, Mariah Comer, Lindsay Arrington ( ‘ , l-r) Dominic Chaklos and Tom Dean, with LaPolt at the front — have competence in a range of issues, incl. Brand partnerships, collection marketing, ceo arrangements, and works in emerging media including NFTs, Web3. “They are all zealous advocates for our clients” LaPolt said he was concerned about the lawyers. “Their contributions have been vital to the growth of our business.” All five relationships both control dress, charm and lifestyle brand partners for the firm’s lineup of social network startups and bloggers. “These appointments reflect our deep commitment to our tremendous clients” stated Sarah Scott, managing partner at LaPolt Law. Over the years Dina and LaPolt have supported actors including Steven Tyler, 21 Savage, Deadmau5 and initially Britney Spears and the Tupac Shakur empire. She played a key role in showing the lyricism group on Capitol Hill via her jobs on the vital 2018 Music Modernization Act, the first major publisher legislation for music creatives in generations, and for her position in acquiring the release of musician 21 Savage, and how imprisoned by ICE in early 2019. In 2015, She helped establish the Songwriters of North America (SONA); in 2019 the Recording Industry recognized her with its award ”. Extra recently she teamed up with members of Congress to ensure that music experts are available for superbug rescue via The CARES Act. LaPolt is currently creating “Peace, Love & Respect” the Afeni Shakur docudrama.