Mario Lopez to lead global search for brand spanking new people at Menudo, Latin rock group which opened Ricky Martin


The quest is for newcomers to Menudo, the Latin rock group which helped launch the job of Ricky Martin, it is one of the most popular grad. The new version comes back after a 12-year time-out. The talent management game is held by Mario Lopez and The travel will be recorded under The flag, “A New Beginning.” The digital Auditions for skills between the ages of 12 and 16 will start this month, accompanied by active auditions in various cities including San Juan, Puerto Rico, on September 17. Attendees will be able to upload their movie auditions to Mendo software when Lopez unveils the start in the following three months. During the class of its original 32-year move, Menudo features more than 30 different people who control the Latin pre-teen and teen brands. Martin was a part of the brother band’s “Golden Era” in the 1980s, and after he launched his debut album Evolucion ó n. “The Puerto Rican boy band ran on to take a break in The long’ 90s but was restored with a smash in The 00s with an MTV reality series named” The Musician Making Menudo. “The victory inside that quest noted music under Epic Records but was co-managed by Johnny Wright, whose consumers included the New Kids on the Block and ‘N Sync. Alternatively, media for the spinoff is in the neck of the current HBO docudrama” Menudo: Forever Young “which revealed the violence of Menudo’s past song producer/boss, Edgardo D. The four-part set included conversations with 13 former members about living in The Puerto Rico team. Unlike the previous ones, notwithstanding” A New Beginning “commitment to confirm the safety of its newcomers. Beginning with distributed sales across all music festivals, products, and record sales. Likewise, the new Menudo will be guided by Miami-based management and ownership consisting of three music industry soldiers, including Angel Zamora, who monitors the project.” By utilizing social media, the Metaverse, and A. I, Menudo will connect with fans in ways unimaginable just a decade ago “stated Menudo Productions CEO Paul Tarnopol.” More importantly, Our management team is committed to the safety of our customers, Well-being, and financial security of each and every member of Menudo; This is what we mean by “A New Beginning”. ‘ “Viewers can tour the Menudo website and website which can be found now.