Momma: Household Name Album Released


Thirty years ago, the biggest crime a rock group could commit was creating it huge. When the Smashing Pumpkins did it, Pavement snubbed them immediately: “I don’t understand what they mean and I would really give a fuck” Stephen Malkmus smirked in 1994’s “Colorous Rain”, Crooked Rain. Nyc Jeetwin Momma is a link between the two bands on their third album, Household Name, a playful switch on Gen-X stoner band by zillennial high school companions Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten. Some of the band’s greatest rock legends — Nirvana, Liz Phair — Have complained about the testing of band fame. On Household Name, Momma just seemed to contend: What would be so bad about entering the spotlight?’ ‘?

Household Name worked on the Smashing Pumpkins, but the plan was lacking: If you want to auction out side by side people accuse you of it, can their scorn yet contact you? The 2020s pop-punk revival has cultivated a number of action whose schticky self-awareness frequently unfolds as bravado. But no one said Momma weren’t placing in the jobs: Household Name begins with Rip Off “a music that guides the painting of schmoozing industry experts between free bourbon pics.” Rockstar “the first music Momma authored for the album, networks the Pixies’ powerful/Simple trends as the group seem to speak themselves flat from the upcoming fake symptoms:” It takes a lot to admit It/Yeah, I got what they want/I’m a real rockstar “the jeetwin whisper. On” No Stage “Momma imagines that the only destiny worse than surviving without someone would be to glisten and fire through them:” If I’m famous for the night/I’ll be lonely all my life. “

But the alleged link to upcoming band fame on Household Name seems obscured by the fact that Momma are recalling — and yet striving to — a headline that presumably doesn’t exist anymore. “It’s not really anything we’re possibly ever going to experience” Weingarten said, meaning Household Name is, in some ways, satirical. The whimsical video for the new year “Rockstar” Friedman and Weingarten took home a hefty cash prize at the Battle of the Bands and watched their single reach the top of the charts. “I wanna make a hit and run” the jeetwin inspiration, a laughing quadruple wordplay and it evokes existential questions: What happens when you become frustrated with stardom as it eventually becomes within your understanding??

Should Momma become household names?, it’s the latches that get them there: The heavy tunes and call-and-response song of music “Speeding 72” their best shot at a real strike is hardly a good old-fashioned joyride. “Put the pedal to the metal, lay it all to rest” the jeetwin chant, before cobbling together a song from template rhythms. Family Name can easily feel very uninspired, but with neck slightly on the neck, scenes “Speeding 72” arrive as a hello criterion for a group and it isn’t taking itself too deep.

As involved As Momma in moving through, they can both press into the type of angst-ridden authenticity, and it puts so many of their predecessors in the position. “I can keep my body small ’til it’s good enough for you to fight/Don’t get me suckering the scum, Keep it real, I don’t need to be polite” continues the final passage of his narrative “Brave” a big melody comming from Only Everything-era Juliana Hatfield. “Never disrespect me/I’m the fucker down the street/I could be your everything” Momma cautions over a gentle trespass, Pinback-like groove in the center of a disc “Tall Home.” These unique and sincere sections are usually very faint to make a lasting effect, and feel kinda out of place on a mark which otherwise idolizes a lifestyle of rock’ n ‘roll individualism. Can Momma ever create it there, they can at least talk.