NAMM Honors Kenny Loggins With Music for Life Award


Kenny Loggins was recognized by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) in recognition of his melodic achievements and his commitment to uplifting music-makers. The Music for Life grant recognizes individuals or organizations that demonstrate NAMM’s dream of music-making as a part of daily Life. “I appreciate the honor” Loggins informs Variety. “The timing is amazing because of all The publicity from” Top Gun “and The book all coming out at The same time. I’m also touring for the first time since 2019, it should be a good year.” Loggins narrative, “Still Alright” it’s related to the 17th of June, then next month, Loggins will reconcile with his former producer Jim Messina at midnight at the Hollywood Bowl on May 22 the year. Speaking of the greater importance of music in the world and society at large, Loggins stated, “As you think about the social movements that have happened, Here’s usually a song that accompanies it. I remember in the ’60s when it was Peter, Paul, Mary and Bob Dylan. There were songs like” If I Had a Hammer. There was something that was embodied by the music and that was embraced by whatever the movement was. That’s where music changes your life!. It enhances what It is you’re doing, and what it is you’ re saying. It takes us out of the thinking part and puts us into the feeling part. “Loggins joins previous participants including Quincy Jones, Jason Mraz, Graham Nash, Stevie Wonder, Yoko Ono;, Henry Mancini, Bob Weir and Nancy Wilson in obtaining the NAMM glory. Honors aside, Loggins was a high-profile figure” Top Gun: Maverick “continues to dominate at the global box official. His 1986 music” Danger Zone “features heavily in the movie.