Nigerian actor Adekunle Gold gives his catch me if you can tour to Harlem’s Apollo Theater: concert reviews


From classic West African garry songs to modern-day Afrobeat R & B, Adekunle Gold has been one of the top exports during the genre’s internationalization. Previously garnering focus for his 2014 One Direction “Story of My Life” lid (eventually renamed “Sade”), Gold used the movement to release his last work and reveal four studio albums. His 2022 Catch Me If You Can Tour started off in Boston with His music of the same name published in the year 2022, this includes donations from Davido, Ty Dolla and Lucky Daye. Gold’s tour made its second stop at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem on Friday. Comparison of his handsome and quirky noise as a composer, he wore the venue wearing a silk green-and-purple part constructed by British developer Ozwald Boateng. One of the first songs of the dinner was “Dance.” “Pami ()” which had the group chanting to everyone remember youtube, lights and pyrotechnics created the Apollo look like a fest earth. Daniel Agbeble Gold’s lyrics were in top form through the setlist, which has been pulled strongly from the new album, maybe exiting longtime fans seeking just a little more of the home collection. That said, however, the setlist was constructed in a way that kept the energy high, with few lows in rhythm and atmosphere. He experienced a group experience — he included all an Afrobeat soundtrack of Sisqo’s 2000 strike “Thong Song” which received a hot sk (and laughing as he went) the group responded. Gold used the concert as a system for brand new skill development. Before his collection, NYC Afrobeat artist Fadi took the stage to share her new single, “Peace of Mind” halfway through the concert, Gold did take a brief middle term hiatus to young gun Pheelz to conduct his retrovirus strike “Finesse” starring Buju, creating the singer’s first production in the United States. Soon after that, Gold restored to the venue, with a new outfit and then another mixing of music, most of which were easier and more mid-tempo. He charmed the crowd as He sang a song “One Woman” and ended out the display with an extended version of his logo song, “Higher rates” as audiences petitioned to get connected to him.