R. Kelly protection misses offer by excluding jury evaluating ‘Surviving R. Kelly’s


R. Kelly’s trial began in earnest on Monday after a trial in Chicago, as his protection erases an offer by excluding potential jurors who have seen the Lifetime docudrama “Surviving R. Kelly.” Kelly was convicted in June of 30 years in prison, after being arrested in New York last year on charges of racketeering and sex trafficking. Judges collection starts Monday in federal court in Chicago, where Kelly is facing various costs of kid pornography and deception to hinder an investigation. The governor asserts that Kelly pressured minors to always have gender with him, videoed the sex acts, and then earned hundreds of thousands of dollars to regain replicas of the movies in an attempt to foil the research. Costs of Kelly’s 2008 test, he was exonerated after the victim refused to testify. Investigators alleged that he provided money or gifts to the daughter and her family so as to get them to reject that she had a gender identity with Kelly. These performances are long wrapped in a montage of performances “Surviving R. Kelly” which was launched in January 2019. In a move recorded on Sunday, Kelly’s defense lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, debated that any juries who have viewed even a part of the docuseries should have been removed from the test. “Any person who has seen the documentary might possess information about the allegations in this indictment (and unrelated allegations) that would unquestionably interfere with his own/its ability to decide the case based on the evidence that is introduced at trial” Bonjean was the author of the book. “No one else, even a well-intentioned person, would be capable of purging his brain of information obtained through the docuseries or separating information learned from the documentary that was never subject to cross-examination from testimony introduced at trial on the same subject matter.” Bonjean stated that the film wrapped some proof — including Kelly’s connection with the song Aaliyah — that is removed from the test. Judge Harry Leinenweber refused to allow the move on Monday, the Chicago Tribune noted. Bonjean said last week on Twitter that it would just be hard to obtain a non-biased judge. For those looking for answers? Jury proceedings start Monday. Will feel tough to obtain 12 people who are true given the media fight on my behalf. The government started with an amazing edge and we are planning to fight like evil to have a judge that can and will follow The law. Jennifer Bonjean (@ jenniferbonjean) August 12,2022.