Ray incident releases Nasa-inspired sophomore album, “The Voyager Symphony”


The sophomore album from unknown composer Ray Incident is already announced and it is due out on Saturday, Aug. 20. A NASA-inspired history named after A “The Voyager Symphony” It’s explained as “an absorbing study of space,) time, and a human’s place within it.” The music has been inspired by NASA’s Voyager software and consists of 10 algorithm-moulded songs, each of which remains alone while an “Audio sculpture.” “It was during the process of carving each of the movements that layers, tremors, and notches of sound & rhythm were discovered” as per Incident. “The result is a deeply unpredictable piece of work that counters mainstream perceptions of how music should behave.” Among the songs on the music are the strange “Ideaton” piano-infused “Scherzo” electronic-sounding and electronic sounding “Golden discs.” Meanwhile “Pop Motifs” and “Love Song” control extra dsme vocals. Ray Incident stays unknown, with information including the artist’s gender – or even whether they are an individual or part of a collective. “The Voyager Symphony” is available on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud from Aug. 20.