Recording Academy Elects New Members of 2022-23 Board of Trustees


The Recording Academy has chosen 19 new politicians to its national board of trustees 2022-23. Useful nowadays, the new president trustees enter the Academy’s midterm trustees, incl national police Tammy Hurt (director), Rico Love (acting head), Om’ Mas Keith (directors/trustees of the United States), et. Al (sic) (director alumnus). Relative to the declaration, in relationship with CEO Harvey Mason, Jr, the Board of Trustees carefully directs and shapes the mission and stance of the Academy and its commitment to promote diversity, encourage participation, battle for creators privacy, guard song folks in need, protect music’s past, and invest in its potential. 2022-23 RECORDING ACADEMY NATIONAL BOARD OF TRUSTEES Yolanda Adams Ferddy Calderon Mike Knobloch Chuck Ainlay Alex E smith. Xii “á realmente” * Jordan Hamlin * John Legend * Cheche Alara Dave Cobb Jennifer Hanson Rico Love Christine Albert Beth Cohen David “Swagg!” Susan Marshall, Maria Elisa Ayerbe, Samantha Cox, Tammy Hurt, Julia Michele, Nabil Ayers, Doug Emery, JD. Olivia PJ Morton * Larry Batiste Anna Frick Terry Jones * Natalia Ram * Recharge * Marcus Baylor EJ Gaines * Andrew Joslyn * Michael Romanowski * Jennifer Blakeman * Kennard Garrett Om’ Mas Keith Von Vargas * Evan Bogart “TK” Kidd * Gebre Waddell * Bun B Chelsey Green * Ang é lique Kidjo * Identifies Trustees chosen of the year for their 1st or 2nd period. “I’m recognized and excited to welcome the above assembled and completed team of creators to the Academy’s leadership team” said Mason. “These new president politicians will be helpful in proceeding the Academy’s changes by offering as leaders for their colleagues everything from steelmaking the Grammy Awards operation, to promote creators’ privacy and then beyond. We praise the Academy members and how involved they were during this year’s elections and look forward to the continued progress that this acclaimed team of Trustees might reach.” every year, the Academy’s 12 chapters ‘voting and professional members vote in their respective Chapter Board Elections to elect their chapter’s governors. Among the Trustees that serve on the National Board, eight are elected by voting and professions of the Academy (four each year) and 30 are elected by the chapter boards (15 each year). The remaining four seats comprise The national trustee officers serving The roles of chair, Vice chair, secretary/treasurer, and Chair Emeritus, currently in the midterms, and are elected by the board of trustees once every two years. All positions on the board of trustees are subject to two terms, two years imprisonment. For the full list of the board of trustees of the academy click here, Chapter officers and Academy bylaws, click here.