Ricky Martin disavows domestic abuse claims in an injunction case


A Puerto Rico jury has declared A restraining order against Ricky Martin, police confirmed the news on 2 July. Rules police spokesperson Axel Valencia informed the Associated Press that police visited the singer’s affluent area in the north coast town of Dorado to perform the song, notwithstanding, “Police have been unable to find him.” Because the demand was recorded under Puerto Rico’s domestic abuse rules, it remains unsubstantiated who is behind it. Puerto Rican news outlet, El Vocero, Martin noted that it arrived from anyone Martin had recorded for seven months. Relative to the plaintiff, Martin has refused their heartbreak for 2 months, but now he is also seen ambling near their home at least three times. “The petitioner fears for his safety” El Vocero tells, citing the action. AP has not received a copy of the action. Meantime, Valencia said that the action forbids Martin from communicating with the plaintiff but that a jury would have to decide at a hearing whether the law contract should stay in place and be ended. He both made clear that the one who wrote the restraining order did not contact the authorities, Usually investigators would have to determine whether there was sufficient evidence to file charges. Rather, the judge recorded the demand. Martin’s leaders informed the People, “The allegations against Ricky Martin that led to a protection order are totally false and fabricated. We are very confident that when the true facts come out in this matter our client Ricky Martin will be fully vindicated.” This news comes as Martin heads another legal suit brought by his former manager Martin, Rebecca Drucker, who collaborated with Martin from 2014 to 2018 and then from 2020 to 2022. She asserts that Martin knew her more than $ 3 million in pay transactions. Drucker both says that she “fiercely protected Martin” against a “potentially career-ending allegation” in September 2020.