Rusty Santos: High Reality Album Released!


Rusty Santos ‘name rings a bell, here’s a good opportunity to and at some point in your life you are the somewhat religious Animal Collective aficionado who bartered active reissues on platform strings and supported Danse Manatee’s glory to the death. Though not an official part of the team, he played a pivotal role as maker during the mid-aughts, a montage of acoustic instruments, spooky test, and restaurant vocals. He’s continued working with Panda Bear on solo projects like the plunderphonic Person Pitch and 2019’s Buoys, plus numerous colleges from AnCo’s Paw Tracks, but easily grouping Santos in with the legendary psych-rock costume can be a shortcoming.

During the footwork discovery era from 2011 to 2014, he worked behind the scenes on several of the greatest vital productions of the genre, incl DJ Rashad’s Welcome to The Chi and Traxman’s The Architek. The above brief stint on Chicago’s underwater bar scene had a significant impact on Santos, uplifting his possess group the Present to migrate from groovy sound sandstones to loosely Lynchian club music. While his recent features with Jackie Mendoza and Panda Bear are more based in indie-pop culture, Santos’ obsession with the Auto-Tuned glossolalia and the 808 knockout contemporary catcher has guided his consumers into interesting land.

High Reality, Santas ‘first solo album in 16 years, the osseous product of folktronica he and Panda Bear discovered on Buoys resurfaces. Strummy campfire arpeggios lay a foundation for most of the mark, a familiar foundation gives Santos enough space to evocatively transform his digitally altered lyrics. But he abandons the reflecting tests and aquacultural sfx that attached Buoys to the AnCo opus, opting for a denser, Extra inexpensive combination that allows for greater bonding both composer and viewers.

Each tool that appears on this page is labelled “SEO” “Kick Out the Spirit” for instance, It’s dry, and it’s a little unsettling. Plasticky synth lines undergird sound fingerpicking, jarring by the infrequent drive of the drum machine that sounds like it arrived organized with Santos ‘audio technology. Far from lo-fi, His choice of appearance seems to be back-to-basics in a style feeling, communicating a sense of post-digital honesty with the clever use of Logic’s share drumming on current Porches, or Kanye West’s ability to create basic bladder configurations. Noise vintage in the right context. These smooth materials emphasize Santos’ tone, which is the case, in comparison, carefully mic’d and delicately influenced, pursuing breathy off-the-cuff tunes that are more involved with instant interpretation than listenability. “I will disown this dystopian nightmare” He sings with triumphant optimism: His major-key battle cries utilize faith in a given that tries to mark it out for each move.

Santos has determined to prove faith isn’t simply meant to become a healer for These Uncertain Times. High Reality has been recorded as he was installed under an involuntary psychiatric grip due to a schizophrenic cut, he has said that the mark and its headline explain his mindstate whereas “detached from day-to-day reality during [his] crisis.” Opener “Dream in Stereo” hold the voice down quickly, putting domestic anxiety beneath the surface of melodic groovy music. “I know how it feels to never quite belong” He chirps, Broadening both kindness to the audience and encouragement to himself before highlighting the above fight to connect in unsettling information. Torres evokes features of the album’s new-age lore — Heaven, stars, orbs — with the extreme content of a similar, introducing mythology into the song’s standard indie-rock hallmarks.

“Symbolic” and “Apocalypses” accept the interplay respectively comfortable device and catastrophe visuals a stage additional. Occupation. High Reality. This section!, both songs are replaced, composed of more than just light noodling, handclaps, controller blossoms, delivering a peaceful background for images that feel at home in the Book of Revelation. On the latter song, Santos explains how experiencing the laws of physics alters the manner in which his heart has been implied into god: tragic event, condescendingly victory dream covered in a song and it goes down for hot Sleepytime drinks.

High Reality’s mid and signal may be clashing, but now this imperfection is a function, not a problem. Through soft restriction, Santos has shaped his possess input of pleasure into a huge, the confusing story and it feels over and above his regulations. Awkwardly so, it’s when the record’s noise cameras its topic, like on the meandering “Master Zodiac” that it mistakes the record, venturing on long and detailed math-rock conract and it draws attention away from Santos’ lyrics and abandons you without area to take full on the discord. For the best pieces, tho, the mark provides the above shelter, for watching a shrieking rain through the glass from the safety of your own sleep. Here’s something relaxing and a little discord while stepping from a location.