Seratones with Dance Pop On Exploratory Love & Algorhythms


On their debut, Seratones were a rowdy garage styling outerwear with a team of boogie-woogie. For their follow up, Power, they shifted towards a soft, relaxed posture, Innovative R & B, and electro-pop sonic in the vein of the Alabama Shakes. Are still on their third full-length official launch, Love & Algorithms, the group had passed the sandstone previously but chose to wallow in dance club pop with tons of synths and scheduled pummels.

The entire track is focused on frontman AJ Haynes ‘elegance and protester charisma. Her periods rising, allowed to speak in a bodysuit solo, a Donna Summers-inspired nightclub vibe. The soundtrack has been produced and mingled by Paul Butler who collaborated with Michael Kiwanuka, Lord Huron, St. Paul & The Broken Bones as audio develops for The outfit. Stuff is formed with the lineup “Two of a Kind” as the largemouth bumps and dance-laden dance music fluidly echoes out. The synths get overloaded with a lot of symphonic sounds “Pleasure” while Haynes gets charming on the soundtrack with resonating lyrics.

The inventive first music “Get Free!” mixes polyrhythms and pop with a Christian interlude playing with styles of music. As such does “I’ ll Be” as a full-on jazz-based torch song offering morphs into neon 80’s inspired pop, complete with laser zaps.

This poem was published in The New York Times/spoken word of “Evidence” breaks up the album before the Quincy Jones/Michael Jackson-inspired funk of “Get Free!”. It is a powerful track that burns bright but ends too early while on the flipside, the questioning pulse of “Dark Matter” sticks around too long without much excitement. The easy-flowing R & B of “Get Your Shit Together, Babe” focuses on Haynes’s fluttering vocals, layered in expert fashion while closer “High quality of life” incorporates acoustic guitar strums around a dull buzzing and squeals, all under the breathy vocal delivery of Haynes.

All bands evolve, few more so than Seratones over their first three albums, as AJ Haynes now steers the ship into cosmic pop and disco-laden delights on “Love & Algorhythms”.