Taylor Swift proves the secret clues and topics of “All Too Well”: the short film


For thousands of Swifties in New York City, today is a storybook. Taylor Swift created a live television character in the early 2000s, at Tribeca Festival, to camera her short film “All Too Well!” and a conversation with screenwriter Mike Mills ( “20th Century Women”) about bringing the 10-minute song to the big screen. “This is not a music video” She educated viewers at the Beacon Theatre on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. “We approached everything differently.” In a wide-ranging talk, the incredibly secret pop star both discovered clues in the short film, mentioned her aspirations to control a film and considered audiences to shock productions “All Too Well.” Seated near the stage, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were among the many who passionately chanted forward, cheered and took songs of Swift throughout the long and detailed song. And now it’s time to go!? S actually a music festival: Taylor Swift is conducting #AllTooWell photograph. Facebook. The /xaDxLwXHHu — Rebecca Rubin (@ rebeccaarubin) June 11,2022 Long before Swift burst into her dark instrument, Mills commented the 90-minute talk felt like a concert because the lively crowd constantly chanted. “Sorry, I’m not Taylor Swift” he laughed when he took the stage. How did Mills get his name? By the way, thanks, known best for indies like “C’ mon, C ‘mon” arrive to a mild screen with Swift? It turns out As it turns out, He’s a die-hard aficionado of his 2019 short film “I Am Easy to Find” he contacted him “out of the blue.” Swift, 32, She wrote and recorded music since she was a teenager. After spending a lot of time on the videos, she became interested in walking behind the screen herself. “I was always curious” she stated. “I started to venture into the edit [for music videos] and making changes and meddling… It started with meddling.” Swift, who wrote and directed the film “All Too Well!: The Short Film” acknowledged she experienced that outside her depth twice. “I had this imposter syndrome in my head saying, No, you don’t do that. Other people who went to school to do that.'” Mills exclaimed: “I didn’t go to school to do that.” An assured Swift sustained, “Oh! It’s fantastic to know that. That makes me feel better. Don’t feel like it’s an amazing exercise of trusting your gut instinct? There are so many decisions you have to make. Saying I don’t know really isn’t an option most of the time.” Mills slowly objected, Swift said that filmmakers do not have to have the right answer for each period. “Maybe that’s just being a female director” Swift given, in which Mills responded, “Word.” As for moviemaking, Swift has been eaten by the glitch and is going to fix it “love to go into love to get the chance to eat it” continue to work on the material. “It would be so fantastic to write and direct something… A feature” She stated. “I don’t see it being bigger, in terms of scale. I loved making a film that was so intimate.” She titled it fixed “such a fulfilling experience” Introducing, “I’m truly worried folks are not finding out what we’re creating. Everything was fine [mentioned employing] coded language. I’m sure it’s strange.” To this day, Swift has never detailed the origins of ‘ “All Too Well!.” But she told the audience she was not a fan, “I wanted to make a film about an energetic artist, wondering woman who ends up entirely out of her depth.” She elaborated, “You remember when you’re strolling into the sea? It’s a sure enjoyable ride, the idea of having a game until your feet don’t touch the ground. But you can get swept away.” Sadie Sink, of “Stranger Things” fame, and “Teen Wolf” star Dylan O ‘Brien — who made a surprise appearance at Saturday’s talk — is the star in the short film. Sink plays a younger version of Swift, while o ‘Brien’s character is widely rumored to be based on the singer’s ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. In real life, Gyllenhaal is 9 years older than Swift. Thought, of course, Swift remained quiet about this pesky detail, o Brien shed some light on the first conversation he had with Swift. “I’ll never forget — you said it, We need this guy to be likable even though he’s going to execute some really unlikable things,'” O ‘Brien remembers. “It’s such a nuanced perspective Taylor has. It is not monochrome. He’s not a beast. He’s just selfish, sociopathic baby” he said to loud applause. Though his character is older, O ‘Brien “he’s really the baby.” Swift offered, “I wanted it to feel like their dropping together was obvious and them dropping separated is as obvious. I wanted it to feel like there were forces in the game and they couldn’t end at collisions and being disbanded.” Swift also spoke at length about hidden meaning in Sink’s character, who, like Swift, is a writer. “It’s one of the narrative devices I loved sprinkling through the short film” Swift spilled. It’s been hyped from the very beginning; the short is inspired by a poetic comment by Pablo Neruda: “Love is so short, forgetting is so long.” It’s indicated she links to interior writer. Similarly, when Sink’s hero tells O ‘Brien’ s, “Are you for real? I feel like I made you up, ‘she foreshadows the fact that she will one day write a book and fictionalize his character in a novel” Swift discovered the problem. The title cards throughout The 15-minute film are meant to suggest chapter titles in Sink’s future book. “But” Swift hyped, “Here’s some extra sleeve” “Here’s this red typewriter” She began. “We meet [O ‘Brien’s character] for the first time; we pan across a red typewriter. Later on, we see her typing on that typewriter. We assume he gave it to her: She complimented it and he handed it to her. He’s taken a lot from her in the course of this [song], but he’s also given her something: this dream and hope of being a writer. This experience galvanized her life and career.” Swift sustained, “There are a lot of ways in which I do feel both characters are protagonists. I spent a lot of time thinking about the ways things are.” In the short film, Swift appears in a cameo as herself at the stop. It takes place in a series fixed 13 years eventually, where she has written a book titled All Too Well. “The film confirms with her former looking through a glass of a library as she’s doing a text, though Swift did not intentionally display his mouth while he was walking away.” I wanted us to wonder if we had ever done this: Was he just looking if she Was OK? Is he about to walk in but leave thinking, It’s time to leave well enough alone. I’ve put her through enough?’ “If you arrived hoping for replies, you may be a fan of the false singer.” We will always wonder. We will never know “Swift stated cheekily.