The Weeknd was ‘crushed and heartbroken’ by The state concert postponement


Around 90 minutes after the first deadline of the contest “After Hours Til Dawn” his home state of Toronto has delayed the stadium tour, The Weeknd posted a message on his Instagram narrative. The concert was delayed soon after windows were scheduled to open as a result of a progression of The Concert, the day-long shutdown of one of the greatest telephony media in canada, Rogers Wireless. “I’m shattered & distraught” He wrote. “Been at the event all day but it’s Been too late due to the Rogers shutdown. Functions and security are damaged and I attempt my best job. These side pains are the most common, but will create this display occur, but sadly not tonight. I remember how long you’ve been waiting but also how hard you worked to make it to the display and feel this special moment with me. I can’t wait to see you all.” He closed with a broken-heart emoji. Courtesy Instagram. A statement from tour promoter Live Nation reads: “The Weeknd has been onboard and able to take on but as a result of worldwide Rogers service disruption The Weeknd display arranged for all this tonight at Rogers Centre will be delayed as The venue’s functions & construction are just not possible until full service is home for The summer. Please get in touch during your booking. Upgrades on the timetables set available shortly.” the announcement of the postponement came so late because the Weeknd team was working until the last possible minute to find a way to make the technically complex show work under such conditions the premiere. The mood among fans outside The Stadium after The postponement was announced was more sad and disappointed than angry. The feelings of many of The 25-odd people Variety spoke with — all of whom declined to give their full names (maybe it’s a Canadian thing?) They were summed up by a 23-year-old woman from Newmarket, just north of Toronto. “It’s nobody’s fault so It’s hard to be mad — I’m just disappointed.” Two people from Switzerland, both 23, we were much disappointed than angry. “We’ve been looking forward to seeing it for months, and we’re going back home on Wednesday!” However, Some of them were angry. “They didn’t say to us anything” an 18-year-old from Toronto said. “We came all the way here and they didn’t talk to us for hours, like they usually can. If they had all been experiencing technical difficulties, they should have said it already.” Her friend, also, 18, added, “I didn’t need the information, but I introduced it to my Apple Wallet but it doesn’t use wifi.” As the Weeknd notes in his message, the venue — which, ironically, The program is sponsored by Rogers and named after him, the company suffering the outage is so thoroughly wired that it would have been unsafe to hold the show under these conditions. The Rogers Centre, formerly called the Skydome, is a cashless venue and does not accept all transactions — merchandise, Food, the majority of ticketing relies on WiFi, except for fans who saved their tickets to Apple Wallet or other non-Wifi-reliant apps. While some people not in Canada might think the postponement was an overreaction, the outage, which began at around 4: 30a. M. ET and affected the entire country, it shows how much modern society has come to rely on cellular coverage: Throughout the country, government and banking systems, Parking and countless other businesses were incapable of processing transactions. Restaurants were forced to serve only cash. Cafes and any business offering free wifi were packed. The level of disruption is truly alarming and is a sobering reminder of what would take place in The event of a cyber-attack. The month before the concert, Canadian Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said the country’s government was on a mission to protect the Public “Alert” cyberattacks by Russia and others in the wake of the increasingly hostile international relations caused by the war in Ukraine. “I could concentrate enough on how essential it is that, in the current geopolitical atmosphere where we find ourselves, that we are very much vigilant for potential attacks from aggressive authorities like Russia” Mendicino said during an appearance at the country’s House of Commons public safety committee.