Tribeca film festival music events: Taylor Swift talks, j. Poco Doc, machine gun kelly’s acting successf and more


Since 2002, it’s origins, the Tribeca Film Festival has appreciated music to a degree rare in the Festival global, and the 2022 festival collection then includes a wide iteration of music-focused performances, not only a filmmakers and music-centric narrative but music video also airs, composer dialogue, and master classes. The cross between film and music is clear from day one Wednesday dinner, when the festival broadcasts the world premiere of Jennifer Lopez’s Netflix documentary, “Halftime.” The doc says The singer’s development as a composer, from her concerts cinematic and at levels around the world to her 2020 Super Bowl halftime show and then beyond. This year, the roster also would include artists and filmmakers in conversations, including what will certainly be a full house at the Beacon Theater for Taylor Swift as she reveals and speaks about her latest album “‘” All Too Well short film. Both on board for dialogue are Pharrell Williams, Steve Aoki and Common, Who will receive the 2022 Harry Belafonte Voice for Social Justice award?. Each of the most anticipated narrative films is a “Taurus!” a starrer car for Machine Gun Kelly in a semi-fictional position, with the composer collection to appear after the Beacon premiere. Turning up some of the brilliant in New York’s music scene, the extravaganza will also feature workshops run by Kaanye West, filmmakers Coodie and Chike, Senior Music Supervisor Randall Poster, Who had the new head? “Birdsong Project” a passion project. A handful of films might perform concerts by their participants following the testing, incl hip-hop actor Lil Baby performing at the concert after the world premiere of “Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby.” The team Of Monsters and Men would also conduct a documentary about The band. DJ Quik, Das and Kurupt could engage in a multi-artist tribute to DK. O. C. A documentary about the powerful musician of this time. This will also be an online premiere of a new movie “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” a function documentary that has May Pang telling her life in sandstones’ n ‘slide and the provided 18 months expended as a buddy, partner and confidante of John Lennon in the mid-‘ 70s. Find the full list of music related works which will be performed at the festival from 8 to 19 June, Under a rock. Wednesday, June 8 “Halftime” – Documentary Function The new Amanda Micheli-directed Netflix documentary series highlights Jennifer Lopez as she represents her personal and professional goals. As the headline might suggest, one of the many setups is her energizing halftime show at the 2020 Super Bowl, metaphorically establishing how “the kickoff to the second half of Lopez’s life” as per the film’s definition, “as she lays bare her evolution as a Latina, a mother, and an artist, taking agency in her career and using her voice for a greater purpose.” TIME: 7 p. M. LOCATION: United Palace on Thursday, 9 June “Brave” The composer Eris is described as being “in a journey across the stars when she crash (s). What will she find in this new place? The” voids “?” The video was directed by August Blue and written and performed by Nathan Lee. TIME: 5: 20.25 to 20.25 p. M. M. LOCATION: Village East by Angelika “Pale Ember” – music video “Pale Ember is a beautiful and heartbreaking examination of love, loss, and looking back.” Music video directed by, created and written by Brad Tobler and Bonnie Story. With Kelli Baker, Chris Jarosz. TIME: 5: 30 p. M. M. LOCATION: Village East by Angelika at Theatre 6th “Taurus” The feature film, featuring Colson Baker – alias Machine Gun Kelly — is just a soaring but disturbed songwriter in search of TheImagination to mark that last song on a single album, pressing himself “deep into the void.” A work of fiction illuminates stardom, alcoholism, the creative operation and the music industry. The film was directed and written by Tim Sutton, and Machine Gun Kelly also adds music as well as starrer. After the premiere He’ll create a special character. ONE TIME: 8 p. M. LOCATION: Beacon Theatre “T u” The documentary function focuses on the multi-platinum Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men, as they celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut album “My Head Is An Animal!.” Directed by Dean Deblois, the film is available in English and Icelandic with English titles the. After the movie, Of Monsters and Men may conduct. TIME: 8 p. M. LOCATION: the Yes Theater Friday, June 10,2018 “Evolver” – online reality experiences “Evolver” is a collective virtuality, which releases viewers dark inside the scenery of the body, Following the stream of air through our ecologies, to a music “breathing” device. Through this innovative narrative, “it becomes clear that breath not only sparks life, but also connects us to the natural world through the cycle of respiration.” Executive created by Edward R. Rhymes and Terrence Malick, the film has music from many famous names — Jonny Greenwood, Meredith Monk, J ó Heller, J ó Hannsson and Howard Skempton. TIME: 12 p. M. M. LOCATION: Tribeca Immersive, Evolver at 120 Broadway Cancellations and Hidden Costs: The Reality of Pandemic-Era Nightlife – conversation Although New York has officially ended superbug regulations, this conversation explores how the pending health crisis has impacted nightlife. “From adopting a hybrid event model to revamping booking strategies, live music venues and event organizers are forced to remain in problem-solving mode as they plan for the near future” see a description. “As we get through year three of the pandemic, how are these players recovering from the financial damage of the lockdown and how are they prepared for future shocks? TIME: 5: 30 p. M. M. LOCATION: Tribeca Festival Music Lounge @ Baby’s All Right Talking Pharrell in Conversation. Pharrell Williams will discuss his career as a recording artist, producer, songwriter ‘, philanthropist, fashion designer and entrepreneur. He’ll also share details about his creative ecosystem and future plans. TIME: 6 p. M. LOCATION: BMCC Tribeca PAC” The D. O. C “This documentary is described as” a tribute and uplifting hip-hop record, “with director David Caplan covering the iconic career of the titular hip-hop legend, who was described as;” more so than probably your fav rapper, musician or friend. “Written and co-produced by the DOC himself, the film also has appearances by Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Erykah Badu, Ice Cubes, Xzibit, Too hort, Kurupt, Daz and Tone Loc. After the premiere, there’ll be a special birthday performance for the DOC by DJ Quik, Das, Kurupt and surprise guests. TIME: 8 p. M. LOCATION: Beacon Theatre” Angelheaded Hipster: The Songs of Marc Bolan & T. S. Henry VII “feature documentary. The world premiere celebrates The life and work of glam-rock pioneer Marc Bolan, combined with a behind-the-scenes look at the eponymous tribute album put together by Hal Willner. Directed and written by Ethan Silverman, The film includes appearances by Gloria Jones, Rolan Bolan, Ringo Starr, Nick Cave, Willner, Joan Jett and David Bowie, as well as the late Bolan. TIME: 8 p. M. LOCATION: The Truth Theater” The Lost Weekend: A Love Story “Feature documentary, May Pang recounts her life in rock n’ roll and her whirlwind 18 months spent with John Lennon. Directed and produced by Eve Brandstein, Richard Kaufman, Stuart Samuels. TIME: 8 p. M. LOCATION: Online Premiere Show Me the Body and YL perform at the Tribeca Festival Music Lounge TIME!: 8 p. M. LOCATION: Tribeca Festival Music Lounge @ Baby’s All Right” Living in the Heart of Love “– music video The” Living In the Heart of Love “Music video tracks two female heroes and a cast of like-minded characters who traverse Paris after hours of intense play, down for whatever magic the night has in store. Directed by Charles Mehling. With Marguerite Thiam Donnadieu, Nailia Harzoune, Marion Giovalucchi. In French with English subtitles. TIME TIME: 9: 15 p. M. M. LOCATION: Village East by Angelika” Time In Berlin “– Music Video” Time In Berlin “is a music video revolving around the” and self-discovery through a companion, paying the idea through the time constraints. “Directed by Javier Blanco Chiocchio. Written by Stephan Jenkins, Javier Blanco Chiocchio, Robert Grant. Produced by Ezequiel Debernardi, Javier Blanco Chiocchio. Featuring Emiko Morgaine, Remo Trajano, Ruut Ahonen, Camila Canteros and Rafael Miranda. TIME: 9: 15 p. M. M. LOCATION: Village East by Angelika” Menudo: Forever Younger “This HBO Max series follows the rise and fall of Latin American boy band Menudo, bringing viewers into the world of the popular teen idols’ global tours, magazine covers, 80s outfits and screaming fangirls. But the four-part documentary reveals” behind the allure was online abuse and violence at the hands of the band’s boss, Edgardo Diaz. “The premiere will be followed by a conversation with directors Angel Manuel Soto and Kris Rios, with members of Menudo. Time: 2 p. M. LOCATION!: The Indeed Theater A Conversation with Taylor Swift Following A screening of Taylor Swift’s 2021 extended music video” All right: The Short Film, “which she directed, wrote, produced and starred in, Swift will sit down for a conversation to discuss her approach as a filmmaker. TIME: 3 p. M. LOCATION: Beacon Theater Detroit Techno/Kevin Sauderson & Blake Blaxter – conversation This discussion will be an exploration of the beginnings of techno music and how Detroit was the creative and cultural hub for the creation and development of these beats. From Detroit to Chicago to London and Berlin, this talk will trace techno’s origins in the African American community. TIME: 3: 30. M. LOCATION: Tribeca Festival Music Lounge @ Baby’s All Right Music As Narrative: The Art of Screen Scoring – Conversation. This BMI panel will take a macro look at how producers compose for film and television, focusing on their techniques when approaching genre, emotion, and rhythmic detail. TIME: 5: 30 p. M. To 1 p. M. M. LOCATION: Tribeca Festival Music Lounge @ Baby’s All Right” 2. Point and Kill “– music video This will be the world premiere of British-Nigerian artist Little Simz” 2 Points and Kill “music video, directed by Ebeneza Blanche. TIME: 5: 45 p. P.]. M. LOCATION: Village East by Angelika” Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby “– documentary feature This will be the world premiere of the Lil Baby-focused feature documentary following the rapper through years of never-before-seen footage, directed by Karam Gill. After the movie, Lil Baby will perform. TIME: 8 p. M. LOCATION: Beacon Theatre” God Said Give’ Em Drum Machines “This nostalgic music documentary showcases the beginnings of techno music and how Detroit was the creative and cultural hub for the creation of one of the most celebrated genres in the world. Kristian R. Hill directs, with appearances by Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Santonio Echols, Eddie Fowlkes, Blake Baxter, Richie Hawtin and Mike Huckaby. Following the film, Inner City and Blake Baxter will perform TIME: 8 p. M. LOCATION: The Indeed Theater Performance by Onyx Collective and Duendita Onyx Collective is a jazz ensemble whose name you may have overheard in downtown Manhattan at some point in the past couple of years. Onyx shows are often impromptu affairs:” the team might be in the room, at a cocktail lounge topped with hospitality, and from the shopfront — always on the agenda this week. “TIME: 8 p. M. LOCATION: Tribeca Festival Music Lounge @ Baby’s All Right Sunday, June 12th” The Gone Forgotten Year “– music video The music video premiere for The song” Gone Forgotten Year “stars two Black queer lovers, separated by the global shutdown of 2020-2021, who finally reunite. Directed by Brandon Burks, with Jelani Remy and Josh Breckenridge. TIME: 2 p. M. LOCATION: Tribeca PAC” Alhamdu – Muslim Futurism “– feature film” Alhamdu – Muslim Futurism “is” An innovative dream of tension and freedom through the nikkor of Muslim happiness, success, and Fantasy. “Directed by Abbas Rattani, The film includes Neelam Hakeem, Ramy El-Etreby, Fatma Almheiri, Fatima Dicko, the Almomani Sisters and Maaz Ali, and is in Arabic and English with English subtitles. TIME!: 8 p. M. LOCATION: Tribeca Festival Music Lounge @ Baby’s All Right” How Long have you been gone? “live podcast host Chris Black and Jason Stewart will engage in a conversation with experimental drummer Eli Keszler, followed by a performance. TIME: 4 p. M. LOCATION: Tribeca Festival Music Lounge @ All Right Baby” Hot & Heavy “– Music video” Hot & Heavy “This was the first music video released for songwriter Lucy Dacus acclaimed 2021 album” Home Video, “directed by Dacus, Marin Leong and Jordan Rodericks. TIME: 5: 45 p. M. M. LOCATION: Village East by Angelika: Theater 6” Cross Country “– feature documentary” Cross Country “explores Daniel Breland’s career and ponders its many plausible and alternative outcomes. Directed by James Larrese. TIME: 5: 45 p. M. M. LOCATION: Village of East by Angelika” Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, The Journey, A Song “documentary feature A new doc explores singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen as seen through his internationally renowned hymns” Hallelujah. “Approved for production by Cohen just before his 80th birthday in 2014, The film makes use of never-before-seen archival materials from the Cohen Trust including Cohen’s personal notebooks, journals and photographs, performance footage, and rare audio recordings and interviews. After the premiere, There will be a musical performance paying tribute to Cohen, with Judy Collins, Amanda Shires, Sharon Robinson and a surprise guest. TIME = =: 6 p. M. LOCATION: Beacon Theatre Performance by the Drunken Canal’s Battle of the Bands TIME: 7 p. M. LOCATION: Tribeca Festival Music Lounge @ Baby’s All Right” Music Pictures: New Orleans “– Documentary feature For this world premiere, the documentary” Music Pictures “presents four legacy portraits of New Orleans music figures: Irma Thomas, Little Freddie King, Ellis Marsalis and the Trem é Brass Band. Now in their 80s, these local masters continue their practice, for the love of the music, in the city that made them who they are. Directed and written by Ben Chace. After the movie, Thomas, King and Jason Marsalis will perform. TIME: 8 p. M. LOCATION: the Indeed Theater” Hargrove “The film follows Grammy award-winning jazz trumpet legend Roy Hargrove from Los Angeles to Paris, New York, Vienne, Perugia, S è te, Sorrento and Marseille during a summer European tour in what would be the last year of his life. From first-time director Eliane Henri, the film features interviews and live performances by Hargrove and additional appearances from Erykah Badu, Herbie Hancock, Mos Def, Robert Glasper, Wynton Marsalis and Sonny Rollins. TIME: 8 p. M. LOCATION: Waterfront Plaza at Brookfield Place, Battery Park City Monday, June 13th Steve Aoki in Conversation Counting over 3 billion music streams to his name, Steve Aoki is an artist, DJ, producer and Dim Mak Records founder. He will discuss his latest projects. TIME: 6 p. M. LOCATION: the Indeed Theater” Brutal “–music video Olivia Rodrigo ‘s” brutal “is an ode to those Y2K teen movies, video games, and TV shows that are so unabashedly funny, observant and cutting edge, directed by Petra Collins. TIME: 8 p. M. LOCATION: Village East by Angelika: Theater 2 Tuesday!, June 14 Master Class – Documentary Directing with Coodie & Chike. Fresh off the success of the Kanye West Documentary” Jeen-yuhs, “the Tribeca alumni team of Coodie and Chike return to the festival to discuss the art and ethics of directing documentary films with Loren Hammonds, the co-head of documentary at Time Studio. Time: 3 p. M. LOCATION: SVA Theater 2 Beatrice Wednesday, June 15 Master Class – Music Supervision with Randall Poster Poster has worked as a Music supervisor with renowned filmmakers like Wes Anderson, Chris Brown, and Michael Avery, for 15 years, Todd Haynes, and Martin Scorcese to create some of the most notable films in history. In this conversation with Pitchfork contributing editor Jayson Greene, Poster discussing the role of a music supervisor, choosing music for film and his latest undertaking, the multi-part album” The Birdsong Project. “TIME: 3 p. M. LOCATION: SVA Theater 2 Beatrice The Harry Belafonte Voices for Social Justice Award honors Common. He has starred in numerous film and television projects, Common has worked behind the scenes as an executive producer and on multiple soundtracks for which he has received numerous accolades. He will be joined in conversation with New York Times columnist and MSNBC political analyst Charles Blow. TIME: 6 p. M. LOCATION: SVA Theater 1 Silas Friday, June 17” Velvet Goldmine “features: A 25-year reunion and screening of the musical drama written and directed by Todd Haynes, starring Ewan McGregor, Toni Collette, Micko Westmoreland and Eddie Izzard. After the Screening!, Haynes will join in conversation with producer Christine Vachon, McGregor and Westmoreland. TIME!: 7 p. M. LOCATION: BMCC Tribeca PAC Velvet Goldmine” Nothing Compares “The feature documentary The story of Sinead O’ Connor’s rise to fame explains how she went from being an international superstar to something of an outcast as controversy grew around her.” Nothing Compares “tells the story of O’ Connor’s life as a musician, mother and iconoclast in her own words. Kathryn Ferguson directed the Showtime Documentary Films release. Time: 8 p. M. LOCATION: SVA Theater 1, Silas.