Will Bernard Creates Musical Boundaries on ‘Pound Life’


Moving on from the amiable minimalistic of the 2021 sextet excursion Ancient Grains (with percussionist Sam Yahel; drummer Dennis Edwards), Will Bernard nowadays has gallantly conducted expeditions into many more exploration empires on Pond Life. Aided and assisted by exceptionally courageous musicians, including John Medeski and Tim Berne, the inventive guitarist/poet, leading the way for singers as free as he is, Their interplay without disproportionate perceptions or confining boundaries. These gamers comply only for those limits imposed by their intense science.

The foregoing combination of pioneer travellers are not The only willing and able instrumentalists for Bernard now. Acoustic and electronically controlled bass player Chris Lightcap further amplifies his increasingly lifted description — witness Superbigmouth and Superette out in subsequent recent years–with evocative playing on drums and drums” Four Is More!, “and many others, Andy Ches Smith, He has collaborated with forward-thinking guitarists Mary Halvorson and Bill Frisell, remains as esteemed inside his own manner as his associate in the bassist: listen the style and class he demonstrates around the equipment throughout” That Day. “

Such far-reaching intervention had begun with” Poor Man’s Speedball “as the innovative Medeski’s slightly-atonal sonic draws on an opening bed for Bernard to join and loop around the swooshing endocrine routes. Somewhat the same consciously off-kilter tones permeate the following trimmed” Type A, “this moment with audible musical points perching in at around Smith’s beat punctuations while the guitarist lengths glimmering routes from his cords over under and then around those reverberating tones.

It is an assessment of the harmony within Pond Life that the four cutbacks with a supergroup of Bernarda, Lightcap, and Smith are really much less imprisoning than all those showcasing bigger choirs. The quite implications of those bony recordings are all The greater for their formatting at third proper time (” Surds “), during a time of intense military engagements in the South (” Moving Target “), and close to the completion of the ten selections (” Motooz “and” Lake of Greater Remnants, “the first is as intense as the second is sweet). Will Bernard’s own savvy output ensures that the musicianship rests in the correct setting to maximize its vitality and ‘nominality’, not strikingly, the commensurate depth of the uncompressed corresponds to the company orchestral composition understanding of all of the other involved parties.

The route genomic holds around saxophonist Berne’s cameos in The largest possible reliever.” Still Drinkin’, “for instance, travels at the swiftest rhythm of the document, the acoustic of the horn conceivably setting, after which pursue, the rapid pace. Let’s not hesitate here and, for that issue, anywhere within the program of the forty-some minutes, so although the latter track’s period is the shortest period of time on the mixtape, the generally more weak mobility of the pursuing championship jingle enables Berne the advantage of perhaps greater juxtaposition. It’s not only compared to the prior amount, but with the flurries of observations, the musician generates in their stead.

Long-time enthusiasts of Will Bernard no one has ever realized how he can frustrate prejudices and standards from capture to capture in the total of twelve in his own name. All while Pond Life presents a music experience distinctly different from the preceding song, the variously tough and viewable existence of just this music (like that of the 2020 Freelance Subversives), definitely inspires an open-minded methodology to something like this mildly under-the-radar musician’s discography. Perhaps what’s just about all lovely in discovering the man’s filmography is that the procedure itself so carefully conforms to the liberating tactile that undoubtedly emerges from listening to the song.